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Academic Divisions

CVCC has three Academic Divisions under which all credit courses fall. The subjects taught and contact information for each division are listed below. Academic Division offices will be happy to assist you any time you have a question or concern regarding a curriculum, course substitution, internship, class or faculty member.

Business & Allied Health Humanities & Social Sciences Science, Math & Engineering
Division Website Division Website Division Website
Amherst Hall, Room 2420
Merritt Hall, Room 5235
Campbell Hall, Room 4204L
Ms. Ava Connelly
Ms. Barbara Scott
Ms. Mary Canfield
Ms. Elizabeth Walkup
Ms. Amy McIvor
Ms. Cathy Beale
Dr. Jim Lemons, Dean
Dr. Peter Dorman, Dean
Dr. Cynthia Wallin, Dean

Here is a list of Subjects and the Divisions they fall under.
Code Subject Division
ACC Accounting Business & Allied Health
ACQ Acquisitions Business & Allied Health
ADJ Administration of Justice Business & Allied Health
AST Administrative Support Technology Business & Allied Health
AIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Science, Math & Engineering
ARC Architecture Science, Math & Engineering
ART Arts Humanities & Social Sciences
BIO Biology Science, Math & Engineering
BLD Building Science, Math & Engineering
BUS Business Management &Administration Business & Allied Health
CHM Chemistry Science, Math & Engineering
CHD Childhood Development Humanities & Social Sciences
CIV Civil Engineering Science, Math & Engineering
COS Cosmetology Science, Math & Engineering
DRF Drafting Science, Math & Engineering
ECO Economics Business & Allied Health
ELE Electrical Technology Science, Math & Engineering
ETR Electronics Technology Science, Math & Engineering
EMT Emergency Medical Technology Business & Allied Health
EGR Engineering Technology Science, Math & Engineering
ENG English Humanities & Social Sciences
ENV Environmental Science Science, Math & Engineering
ESL English As A Second Language Humanities & Social Sciences
FIN Financial Services Business & Allied Health
FRE French Humanities & Social Sciences
HLT Health Business & Allied Health
HIS History Humanities & Social Sciences
HMS Human Services Humanities & Social Sciences
HRT Horticulture Science, Math & Engineering
HUM Humanities Humanities & Social Sciences
IND Industrial Engineering Technology Science, Math & Engineering
ITD Information Technology Database Business & Allied Health
ITE Information Technology Essentials Business & Allied Health
ITN Information Technology Networking Science, Math & Engineering
ITP Information Technology Programming Business & Allied Health
LGL Legal Administration Humanities & Social Sciences
MAC Machine Technology Science, Math & Engineering
MKT Marketing Business & Allied Health
MTH Mathematics Science, Math & Engineering
MEC Mechanical Engineering Technology Science, Math & Engineering
MDL Medical Laboratory Business & Allied Health
MEN Mental Health Humanities & Social Sciences
MUS Music Humanities & Social Sciences
OPT Opticianry Business & Allied Health
NAS Natural Science Science, Math & Engineering
PHI Philosophy Humanities & Social Sciences
PHT Photography Humanities & Social Sciences
PED Physical Education Science, Math & Engineering
PHY Physics Science, Math & Engineering
PLS Political Science Humanities & Social Sciences
PSY Psychology Humanities & Social Sciences
PBS Public Service Humanities & Social Sciences
RAD Radiography Business & Allied Health
REA Real Estate Business & Allied Health
REL Religion Humanities & Social Sciences
RTH Respiratory Therapy Business & Allied Health
SAF Safety Science, Math & Engineering
SCM Sign Communications Humanities & Social Sciences
SOC Sociology Humanities & Social Sciences
SPA Spanish Humanities & Social Sciences
SPD Speech &Drama Humanities & Social Sciences
*SDV Student Development Counseling &Advising
TEL Telecommunications Management Science, Math & Engineering
WEL Welding Science, Math & Engineering
*STD - Student Development (Orientation) is coordinated by the Counseling &Advising Center.


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Contact Office of Academic Affairs:
Central Virginia
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3506 Wards Road
Lynchburg VA 24502-2498

Phone: 434.832.7642

Located in Appomattox, Room 1113