Biology - Spring 2014

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
10246   BIO 100-01MABasic Human Biol3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Shaeff III, C
10247   BIO 101-01MAGen Biol I4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Dario-Becker, J
   BIO 101-01MLGen Biol I   Main CampusR2:00-4:30 PMDario-Becker, J
10249   BIO 101-02WAGen Biol I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 101-02WLGen Biol I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10251   BIO 101-03MAGen Biol I4   Main CampusW7:00-9:30 PMBoling, M
   BIO 101-03MLGen Biol I   Main CampusM7:00-9:30 PMBoling, M
10253   BIO 101-04MAGen Biol I4   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMPenrod, J
   BIO 101-04MLGen Biol I   Main CampusT1:00-3:30 PMPenrod, J
10041   BIO 102-01OAGen Biol II4   AltavistaT8:35-11:05Ranson, T
   BIO 102-01OLGen Biol II   AltavistaR8:35-11:05Ranson, T
10255   BIO 102-02TAGen Biol II4   AmherstMW11:00-12:15 PMMcLaughlin, D
   BIO 102-02TLGen Biol II   AmherstF8:00-10:30McLaughlin, D
10260   BIO 102-03MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMWF12:00-12:50 PMMcDermott, S
   BIO 102-03MLGen Biol II   Main CampusF8:00-10:30McDermott, S
10262   BIO 102-04MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Hogan, J
   BIO 102-04MLGen Biol II   Main CampusT2:00-4:30 PMHogan, J
10264   BIO 102-05MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Hogan, J
   BIO 102-05MLGen Biol II   Main CampusR2:00-4:30 PMHogan, J
10272   BIO 102-06MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Scott, L
   BIO 102-06MLGen Biol II   Main CampusW3:30-6:00 PMCox, N
10274   BIO 102-07MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMW8:30-9:45Ranson, T
   BIO 102-07MLGen Biol II   Main CampusW10:30-1:00 PMRanson, T
10276   BIO 102-08FAGen Biol II4   BedfordT10:45-1:15 PMEdelman, L
   BIO 102-08FLGen Biol II   BedfordR10:45-1:15 PMEdelman, L
10278   BIO 102-09FAGen Biol II4   BedfordT2:00-4:30 PMCox, N
   BIO 102-09FLGen Biol II   BedfordR2:00-4:30 PMCox, N
10282   BIO 102-11XAGen Biol II4   AppomattoxMW8:15-9:30Perry, S
   BIO 102-11XLGen Biol II   AppomattoxF11:00-1:30 PMPerry, S
10284   BIO 102-12MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusT7:00-9:30 PMGray, S
   BIO 102-12MLGen Biol II   Main CampusR7:00-9:30 PMGray, S
10286   BIO 102-13WAGen Biol II4   Virtual CampusOkimoto, R
   BIO 102-13WLGen Biol II   Virtual CampusOkimoto, R
55777   BIO 102-14XAGen Biol II4   AppomattoxMW8:15-9:30Perry, S
   BIO 102-14XLGen Biol II   AppomattoxF8:15-10:45Perry, S
55786   BIO 102-15MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Gray, S
   BIO 102-15MLGen Biol II   Main CampusF10:30-1:00 PMGray, S
55789   BIO 102-16MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50McDermott, S
   BIO 102-16MLGen Biol II   Main CampusW1:00-3:30 PMMcDermott, S
66495   BIO 102-30QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMWR8:00-9:15Douglass, M
   BIO 102-30QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWF8:00-9:15Douglass, M
66497   BIO 102-31QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMTR11:05-12:10 PMDouglass, M
   BIO 102-31QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWF11:05-12:20 PMDouglass, M
10290   BIO 141-02MAAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Penrod, J
   BIO 141-02MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusR2:00-4:30 PMPenrod, J
10292   BIO 141-03MAAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusW7:00-9:30 PMFloyd, D
   BIO 141-03MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusM7:00-9:30 PMFloyd, D
10294   BIO 141-04WAAnat/Physio I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 141-04WLAnat/Physio I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
65104   BIO 141-05MAAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusMW2:00-3:15 PMRanson, T
   BIO 141-05MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusM10:30-1:00 PMRanson, T
10296   BIO 142-01MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Penrod, J
   BIO 142-01MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusM1:00-3:30 PMPenrod, J
10298   BIO 142-02MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Scott, L
   BIO 142-02MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusW2:00-4:30 PMScott, L
10300   BIO 142-03MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMScott, L
   BIO 142-03MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusT2:00-4:30 PMScott, L
10302   BIO 142-04MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusM9:00-11:30Hogan, J
   BIO 142-04MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusW9:00-11:30Hogan, J
10304   BIO 142-05MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusM7:00-9:30 PMHogan, J
   BIO 142-05MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusW7:00-9:30 PMHogan, J
10306   BIO 142-06MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusR5:30-8:00 PMMcLaughlin, D
   BIO 142-06MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusT5:30-8:00 PMMcLaughlin, D
10308   BIO 142-07WAAnat/Physio II4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 142-07WLAnat/Physio II   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10310   BIO 142-08FAAnat/Physio II4   BedfordM6:00-8:30 PMWright, C
   BIO 142-08FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordW6:00-8:30 PMWright, C
10312   BIO 142-09FAAnat/Physio II4   BedfordM10:30-1:00 PMWright, C
   BIO 142-09FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordW10:30-1:00 PMWright, C
10314   BIO 142-10AAAnat/Physio II4   AltavistaT5:00-7:30 PMBoling, M
   BIO 142-10ALAnat/Physio II   AltavistaR5:00-7:30 PMBoling, M
10350   BIO 142-12FAAnat/Physio II4   BedfordF9:00-11:30Bradshaw, R
   BIO 142-12FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordF12:00-2:30 PMBradshaw, R
57262   BIO 142-13QAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusT8:00-10:30McDermott, S
   BIO 142-13QLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusR8:00-10:30McDermott, S
57267   BIO 142-14TAAnat/Physio II4   AmherstMW8:00-9:15Floyd, D
   BIO 142-14TLAnat/Physio II   AmherstF8:00-10:30Floyd, D
66479   BIO 142-80QDDynAnat/Physio II4   Off CampusMWR7:30-10:10Beasley, S
   BIO 142-80QLAnat/Physio II   Off CampusT7:33-10:10Beasley, S
10318   BIO 205-01MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Rhoads, T
   BIO 205-01MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusT9:30-12:00 PMRhoads, T
10322   BIO 205-02MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusMW12:15-1:30 PMRhoads, T
   BIO 205-02MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusW1:45-4:15 PMRhoads, T
30079   BIO 276-80QDDynFreshwater Ecology4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Lindeman, C
   BIO 276-80QLFreshwater Ecology   Main CampusT7:30-10:10Lindeman, C
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