History - Spring 2013

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
19256   HIS 101-02MAWest Civ I3   Main CampusW7:00-9:40 PMMcCullough, J
19395   HIS 101-03TAWest Civ I3   AmherstW4:00-6:40 PMRychkov, C
63423   HIS 101-04WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
64435   HIS 101-05WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
19257   HIS 102-01MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Poteat, R
19258   HIS 102-02MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Poteat, R
19259   HIS 102-03MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Poteat, R
19260   HIS 102-04MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15McCullough, J
19261   HIS 102-05MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Jones, K
19262   HIS 102-06MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMLocke, J
19263   HIS 102-07MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusM7:00-9:40 PMMcCullough, J
19264   HIS 102-08WAWest Civ II3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
19431   HIS 102-11AAWest Civ II3   AltavistaR7:00-9:40 PMRychkov, C
19432   HIS 102-12AHWest Civ II3   AltavistaF12:45-2:00 PMOverstreet, R
65051   HIS 102-13MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF1:00-1:50 PMMcCullough, J
64441   HIS 121-01MAUS Hist I3   Main CampusTR1:00-2:15 PMStowe, J
19265   HIS 121-02WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusPoteat, R
19266   HIS 121-03WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusPoteat, R
19267   HIS 122-01MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50McGee, D
19268   HIS 122-02MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50McGee, D
19269   HIS 122-03MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50McGee, D
19270   HIS 122-04MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45McGee, D
19271   HIS 122-05CAUS Hist II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19276   HIS 122-10MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusR7:00-9:40 PMMcGrath, T
19277   HIS 122-11WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
19278   HIS 122-12WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
19396   HIS 122-13TAUS Hist II3   AmherstMW9:30-10:45Stowe, J
19397   HIS 122-14XAUS Hist II3   AppomattoxTR10:00-11:15McCullough, J
19398   HIS 122-15FAUS Hist II3   BedfordMWF9:30-10:20Cheek-Messier, A
19399   HIS 122-16FAUS Hist II3   BedfordM6:00-8:40 PMBennett, T
19400   HIS 122-17OAUS Hist II3   AltavistaMW10:45-12:00 PMMcCullough, J
19272   HIS 122-6ACAUS Hist II3   AltavistaTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19273   HIS 122-7TCAUS Hist II3   AmherstTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19274   HIS 122-8FCAUS Hist II3   BedfordTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19275   HIS 122-9XCAUS Hist II3   AppomattoxTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19304   HIS 255-01WAHis Chin Cult&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
19305   HIS 256-01WAJapan Cul&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
19306   HIS 281-01WAHistory of VA I3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
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