Health Services - Spring 2014

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
10151   HLT 100-01MAFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusTR11:00-11:50Pearson, J
10152   HLT 100-02MAFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusTR12:00-12:50 PMPearson, J
10153   HLT 100-03MAFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusR9:00-10:40Templeton, P
62837   HLT 100-04MDDynFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusMW8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    T8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    R8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    MTWR8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    MWR8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    T8:30-9:45Pearson, J
10154   HLT 110-01MAPer/Com Health3   Main CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMPearson, J
10155   HLT 110-02WAPer/Com Health3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
10389   HLT 110-03FAPer/Com Health3   BedfordTR9:30-10:45Vickery, W
10400   HLT 110-04TAPer/Com Health3   AmherstMW8:00-9:15Brown, B
10405   HLT 110-05XAPer/Com Health3   AppomattoxTR10:00-11:15Meadows, G
10720   HLT 110-06OAPer/Com Health3   AltavistaTR11:10-12:25 PMRetnam, F
61662   HLT 110-07MAPer/Com Health3   Main CampusMW11:00-12:15 PMPearson, J
10156   HLT 116-01MAPerson Welness2   Main CampusT1:00-2:50 PMTempleton, P
10157   HLT 116-02WAPerson Welness2   Virtual CampusHermosa, H
10158   HLT 121-01WADrug Use/Abuse3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
10160   HLT 141-01MAIntr Med Term2   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Retnam, F
10161   HLT 141-02MAIntr Med Term2   Main CampusT4:00-5:50 PMRetnam, F
10162   HLT 141-03MAIntr Med Term2   Main CampusM7:00-8:40 PMFlores, H
10163   HLT 141-04WAIntr Med Term2   Virtual CampusHermosa, H
10390   HLT 141-09FAIntr Med Term2   BedfordW6:00-7:50 PMMcFaden, C
10217   HLT 143-01MAMed Term I3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Pearson, J
10380   HLT 143-02AAMed Term I3   AltavistaF9:00-11:40Hermosa, H
10219   HLT 190-01MACoord Intern Phrm Tech3   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Curling, D
10220   HLT 230-01MAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMMeyer, S
10222   HLT 230-02MAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusW5:15-7:55 PMFlores, H
10223   HLT 230-03HAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusM1:00-2:40 PMTempleton, P
10225   HLT 230-04WAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Virtual CampusDewitt, M
10391   HLT 230-05FAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   BedfordW12:00-2:30 PMVickery, W
10227   HLT 262-01MABasic Pharmacy II3   Main CampusM7:00-9:40 PMCurling, D
10229   HLT 264-01MLBasic Pharm Lab II1   Main CampusW7:00-9:40 PMCurling, D
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