Mathematics - Fall 2014

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
52582   MTH 103-01QAAppl Tec Mth I3   Main CampusTR9:35-10:50Forooghmand Arabi, A
52687   MTH 103-02CAAppl Tec Mth I3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15 PMCarpenter, C
52795   MTH 103-07MAAppl Tec Mth I3   Main CampusTR9:35-10:50Dewberry, Y
52747   MTH 103-99CAAppl Tec Mth I3   Virtual CampusTR8:00-9:15 PMCarpenter, C
52585   MTH 104-01MAAppl Tec Mth II3   Main CampusMW8:00-9:15 PMWright, J
63389   MTH 115-01QDDynTech Math I3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Shelton, E
52588   MTH 120-01MAIntro Math3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Forooghmand Arabi, A
52591   MTH 120-02MAIntro Math3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
52597   MTH 151-01MAMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Honeycutt, R
52600   MTH 151-02WAMth Lib Art I3   Virtual CampusAtkinson, J
52603   MTH 151-03MAMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMRumore, S
52606   MTH 151-04MAMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Forooghmand Arabi, A
52609   MTH 151-05MAMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Retnam, P
52612   MTH 151-06MAMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusMW5:30-6:45 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
52723   MTH 151-07FAMth Lib Art I3   BedfordTR10:30-11:45Mavinga, H
52693   MTH 152-01CAMth Lib Art II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Pipan, J
52699   MTH 152-3FCAMth Lib Art II3   BedfordTR9:30-10:45Pipan, J
52702   MTH 152-4TCAMth Lib Art II3   AmherstTR9:30-10:45Pipan, J
52705   MTH 152-5XCAMth Lib Art II3   AppomattoxTR9:30-10:45Pipan, J
53122   MTH 152-99CAMth Lib Art II3   Virtual CampusTR9:30-10:45Pipan, J
53394   MTH 157-01MAElementary Statistics3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMShelton, E
53405   MTH 158-01QDDynCollege Algebra3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Shelton, E
    MW9:00-9:30Shelton, E
52615   MTH 163-01MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMAtkinson, J
52618   MTH 163-02MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMW12:00-1:15 PMShelton, E
52621   MTH 163-03MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Shelton, E
52624   MTH 163-04MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Rumore, S
52627   MTH 163-05MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Shelton, E
52630   MTH 163-06MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Forooghmand Arabi, A
52633   MTH 163-07MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR5:30-6:45 PMBerger, M
52636   MTH 163-08TAPrecalculus I3   AmherstTR9:30-10:45Thomas, K
52639   MTH 163-09FAPrecalculus I3   BedfordMWF10:25-11:15Thomas, K
52642   MTH 163-10OAPrecalculus I3   Campbell CoMWF8:45-9:35Moore, A
52708   MTH 163-11CAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMPipan, J
52729   MTH 163-12MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMMoore, A
62469   MTH 163-13MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Retnam, P
52714   MTH 163-3FCAPrecalculus I3   BedfordMW1:00-2:15 PMPipan, J
52756   MTH 163-40QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF8:40-9:30Ratliff, D
52759   MTH 163-41QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF11:25-12:25 PMRatliff, D
63443   MTH 163-42QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF1:55-2:45 PMRatliff, D
52717   MTH 163-4TCAPrecalculus I3   AmherstMW1:00-2:15 PMPipan, J
52765   MTH 163-70QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF8:36-9:26Berger, M
53192   MTH 163-99CAPrecalculus I3   Virtual CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMPipan, J
66769   MTH 163-E06NPrecalculus I3   Virtual CampusRomanova, P
52645   MTH 164-01FAPrecalculus II3   BedfordMWF9:25-10:15Thomas, K
52648   MTH 164-02MAPrecalculus II3   Main CampusTR5:30-6:45 PMPenner, M
52651   MTH 164-03MAPrecalculus II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Penner, M
53202   MTH 164-04MAPrecalculus II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Moore, A
52654   MTH 166-01MAPrecal with Trig5   Main CampusTR5:30-7:45 PMVadnal, J
63011   MTH 166-80QDDynPrecal with Trig4   Off CampusMTWR8:25-9:15Jones, C
63012   MTH 166-81QDDynPrecal with Trig4   Off CampusMTWR9:20-10:10Jones, C
52657   MTH 173-01MACal/Ana Geo I5   Main CampusMTWRF11:00-11:50Retnam, P
52660   MTH 173-02MACal/Ana Geo I5   Main CampusMTWRF12:00-12:50 PMPenner, M
52663   MTH 173-03MACal/Ana Geo I5   Main CampusMW5:30-7:45 PMAtkinson, J
54921   MTH 173-04FACal/Ana Geo I5   BedfordMWF11:45-12:35 PMThomas, K
52735   MTH 173-80QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMTWR7:30-8:20Shifflett, M
52738   MTH 173-81QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMTWR8:25-9:15Shifflett, M
52741   MTH 173-82QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMWR9:20-10:10Shifflett, M
63002   MTH 173-83QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMWR10:15-11:05Shifflett, M
52666   MTH 177-01MAIntroductory Linear Algebra2   Main CampusMW1:00-1:50 PMNeubig, R
52804   MTH 195-01X22ndCollege Algebra Basics1   AppomattoxMW8:40-9:30Atkinson, J
57897   MTH 240-01MAStatistics3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Retnam, P
52669   MTH 271-01XAAppl Calc I3   AppomattoxMW10:00-11:15Atkinson, J
52672   MTH 271-02TAAppl Calc I3   AmherstTR11:00-12:15 PMThomas, K
52675   MTH 271-03OAAppl Calc I3   Campbell CoMWF9:45-10:35Moore, A
52678   MTH 271-04MAAppl Calc I3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Neubig, R
53217   MTH 271-05MAAppl Calc I3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Atkinson, J
52681   MTH 277-01MAVector Calc4   Main CampusMW5:30-7:20 PMPenner, M
52684   MTH 279-01MAOrd Dif Equa4   Main CampusMW12:00-1:50 PMRetnam, P
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