Hybrid Classes - Fall 2012

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
41136   ACC 215-01HAComputer ACC3   Main CampusT11:00-12:50 PMDailey, J
Administrative Support Tech
41158   AST 101-01HAKeyboarding I3   Main CampusMW9:00-9:50Jones, M
41168   AST 107-01HAEditing/Proof3   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Lester, J
41170   AST 137-01HARecords Manage3   Main CampusMW10:00-10:50Lester, J
41172   AST 205-01HABus Communicat3   Main CampusMW9:00-9:50Lester, J
41173   AST 243-01HAOff Admin I3   Main CampusMW10:00-10:50Jones, M
Business Management & Admin
41752   BUS 121-01HABus Math I3   Main CampusT4:00-5:15 PMKeeth Williams, C
48385   BUS 121-3AHABus Math I3   AltavistaT4:00-5:15 PMKeeth Williams, C
48386   BUS 121-4FHABus Math I3   BedfordT4:00-5:15 PMKeeth Williams, C
41773   BUS 226-04HAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusT11:00-12:40 PMLester, J
38506   ENG 111-08HACol Compos I3   Main CampusMW12:00-12:50 PMLatimer, M
51905   ENG 111-34HACol Compos I3   Main CampusT2:00-3:40 PMSizemore, V
38904   ENG 112-05HACol Compos II3   Main CampusMW10:00-10:50Velez, L
51907   ENG 112-13HACol Compos II3   Main CampusM2:00-3:40 PMBarbour, K
38909   ENG 112-6THACol Compos II3   AmherstMW10:00-10:50Velez, L
38910   ENG 112-7FHACol Compos II3   BedfordMW10:00-10:50Velez, L
38911   ENG 112-8AHACol Compos II3   AltavistaMW10:00-10:50Velez, L
38912   ENG 112-9XHACol Compos II3   AppomattoxMW10:00-10:50Velez, L
Health Services
41539   HLT 230-01HAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusM1:00-2:40 PMFreeman III, W
41540   HLT 230-02HAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusM5:15-6:55 PMMeyer, S
Info Technology Essentials
44284   ITE 115-04HACmp Apps/Concepts3   Main CampusT11:00-12:40 PMBell, J
44286   ITE 115-06HACmp Apps/Concepts3   Main CampusT1:00-2:40 PMHoisington Tirrell, C
44298   ITE 130-01HAIntro Internet Srv3   Main CampusT9:30-10:45Hoisington Tirrell, C
44299   ITE 130-02HAIntro Internet Srv3   Main CampusT5:00-6:15 PMBell, J
68210   ITE 293-1AHDDynDig Storytelling/Visual Tech3   AltavistaR7:00-9:30 PMHartbarger, A
50950   MUS 121-7AHAMus Appr I3   AltavistaF3:30-5:00 PMGatti, P
54270   PHT 106-01HAVisual Literac3   Main CampusT5:30-7:00 PMLofaso, J
36621   PSY 200-05HAPrin Psych3   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Piercy, J
36625   PSY 200-6FHAPrin Psych3   BedfordMW11:00-11:50Piercy, J
36626   PSY 200-7AHAPrin Psych3   AltavistaMW11:00-11:50Piercy, J
36627   PSY 200-8THAPrin Psych3   AmherstMW11:00-11:50Piercy, J
36628   PSY 200-9XHAPrin Psych3   AppomattoxMW11:00-11:50Piercy, J
36643   PSY 230-03HADevelop Psyc3   Main CampusT2:00-3:15 PMBrady, J
36677   PSY 230-4AHADevelop Psyc3   AltavistaT2:00-3:15 PMBrady, J
36678   PSY 230-5THADevelop Psyc3   AmherstT2:00-3:15 PMBrady, J
36679   PSY 230-6FHADevelop Psyc3   BedfordT2:00-3:15 PMBrady, J
36680   PSY 230-7XHADevelop Psyc3   AppomattoxT2:00-3:15 PMBrady, J
Student Development
50234   SDV 100-07HDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR5:15-6:15 PMMitchell, N
63927   SDV 100-29HDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR12:30-1:45 PMMitchell, N
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