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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
24831   ACC 124-01MAPayroll Acct3   Main CampusT5:30-8:00 PMArrington, K
10035   ACC 211-01MAPrin Acct I4   Main CampusMW9:00-10:50Dailey, J
10036   ACC 211-02MAPrin Acct I4   Main CampusTR11:00-12:50 PMMallory, L
10037   ACC 211-03WAPrin Acct I4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
10038   ACC 212-01MAPrin Acct II4   Main CampusMW12:00-1:50 PMDailey, J
10039   ACC 212-02MAPrin Acct II4   Main CampusTR9:00-10:50Mallory, L
10040   ACC 212-03MAPrin Acct II4   Main CampusR6:00-9:40 PMArrington, K
10041   ACC 212-04WAPrin Acct II4   Virtual CampusDailey, J
64687   ACC 212-05WAPrin Acct II4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
10042   ACC 222-01WAInterme Acc II4   Virtual CampusDailey, J
10043   ACC 241-01MAAuditing I3   Virtual CampusT10:00-12:30 PMDailey, J
10044   ACC 262-01WAPri Fed Tax II3   Virtual CampusMallory, L
Administration of Justice
19057   ADJ 100-01MASurv Crim Just3   Main CampusW7:00-9:40 PMDuff Jr., H
19058   ADJ 107-01MASurv Criminol3   Main CampusW9:00-11:30Stephens, M
52128   ADJ 107-02MASurv Criminol3   Main CampusM5:30-8:00 PMCaldwell, C
19059   ADJ 133-01MAEthics & the Crim Just Prof3   Main CampusM9:00-11:30Ferguson, R
52133   ADJ 133-02MAEthics & the Crim Just Prof3   Main CampusT5:30-8:00 PMStephens, M
19060   ADJ 140-01MAIntro To Corre3   Main CampusM1:00-3:30 PMDotten, C
52132   ADJ 140-02MAIntro To Corre3   Main CampusR5:30-8:00 PMDotten, C
19061   ADJ 196-01MAOn-Site Train3   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Ferguson, R
19062   ADJ 212-01MACrim Law E&PII3   Main CampusT1:00-3:30 PMStephens, M
19063   ADJ 229-01MALaw Enf & Comm3   Main CampusR1:00-3:30 PMStephens, M
19064   ADJ 237-01MAAdv Crim Inves3   Main CampusT9:00-11:30Stephens, M
Administrative Support Tech
10045   AST 101-01HAKeyboarding I3   Main CampusMW9:00-9:50Jones, M
10046   AST 101-02WAKeyboarding I3   Virtual CampusJones, M
10047   AST 102-01HAKeyboarding II3   Main CampusM11:00-11:50Lester, J
19132   AST 102-03AAKeyboarding II3   AltavistaMW5:15-6:30 PMJefferson, D
66364   AST 102-04MAKeyboarding II3   Main CampusW5:30-8:00 PMWindsor, D
10049   AST 244-01HAOff Admin II3   Main CampusMW10:00-10:50Jones, M
65284   AST 245-01MAMed Mach Trans3   Main CampusR5:45-8:40 PMWright, B
10050   AST 253-01WAAdv Desktop I3   Virtual CampusLester, J
Air Condition & Refrigeration
10054   AIR 121-01M22ndAir Con/Refr I3   Main CampusTR5:15-8:45 PMAlderman, M
67124   AIR 121-02011stAir Con/Refr I3   Off CampusTR7:00-10:30Fisher Jr., C
10055   AIR 155-01M22ndHeating Sys II3   Main CampusTR5:15-8:45 PMAnderson, R
10052   AIR 165-01M11stAir Cond Sys I4   Main CampusMW5:15-8:45 PMAlderman, M
10053   AIR 205-01M11stHydronic & Zon3   Main CampusTR5:15-8:45 PMAlderman, M
10056   AIR 235-01M22ndHeat Pumps3   Main CampusMW5:15-8:45 PMAlderman, M
American Sign Language
62026   ASL 102-01MAAmer Sign Lang II3   Main CampusR5:30-8:10 PMMcMullen, K
61915   ASL 202-01MAAm Sign Lang IV3   Main CampusT5:30-8:10 PMMcMullen, K
Architectural Technology
18968   ARC 212-01MAArch Drft III3   Main CampusTR7:20-9:50 PMSheafe, C
73381   ARC 212-12QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Mihalkovic, J
73384   ARC 212-13QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Koleszar, K
73386   ARC 212-15QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Revely, B
73388   ARC 212-17QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Moats, T
19181   ART 100-01AAArt Appreciation3   AltavistaR12:30-3:10 PMMulwee, R
19182   ART 101-01M11stHis/Apr Art I3   Main CampusTR7:00-9:40 PMPeters, L
19183   ART 102-01MAHis/Apr Art II3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Patterson, J
19184   ART 102-02MAHis/Apr Art II3   Main CampusMWF1:00-1:50 PMPatterson, J
19185   ART 102-03WAHis/Apr Art II3   Virtual CampusPeters, L
19186   ART 102-04M22ndHis/Apr Art II3   Main CampusTR7:00-9:40 PMPeters, L
19187   ART 121-01MADrawing I3   Main CampusW5:30-9:50 PMSanborn, K
19188   ART 122-01MADrawing II3   Main CampusMW2:00-4:10 PMPatterson, J
19189   ART 122-02MADrawing II3   Main CampusMW10:20-12:30 PMWeinfurtner, K
19190   ART 132-01MAFund Design II3   Main CampusMW10:20-12:30 PMHobbs, D
19191   ART 153-01MACeramics I3   Main CampusW5:30-9:50 PMModen, J
66288   ART 154-01MACeramics II3   Main CampusW5:30-9:50 PMModen, J
19192   ART 180-01MAIntro Comp Gra3   Main CampusTR2:00-4:10 PMPatterson, J
19198   ART 180-02WAIntro Comp Gra3   Virtual CampusHobbs, D
19193   ART 180-03MAIntro Comp Gra3   Main CampusTR6:30-8:40 PMWeinfurtner, K
19194   ART 241-01MAPainting I3   Main CampusM5:30-9:50 PMWeinfurtner, K
19195   ART 242-01MAPainting II3   Main CampusTR4:30-6:40 PMPatterson, J
19196   ART 252-01MACommun Dsgn II3   Main CampusTR9:00-11:10Hobbs, D
19197   ART 284-01MAComp Graph II4   Main CampusMW2:00-4:30 PMHobbs, D
19199   ART 287-01HAResume Prepar1   Main CampusR11:20-12:30 PMHobbs, D
10057   BIO 100-01MABasic Human Biol3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Shaeff III, C
10058   BIO 101-01MAGen Biol I4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Cox, N
   BIO 101-01MLGen Biol I   Main CampusR2:00-4:30 PMCox, N
10064   BIO 101-02WAGen Biol I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 101-02WLGen Biol I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
60956   BIO 101-03MAGen Biol I4   Main CampusW7:00-9:30 PMOkimoto, R
   BIO 101-03MLGen Biol I   Main CampusM7:00-9:30 PMOkimoto, R
64489   BIO 101-04MAGen Biol I4   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMPenrod, J
   BIO 101-04MLGen Biol I   Main CampusT1:00-3:30 PMPenrod, J
10066   BIO 102-01TAGen Biol II4   AmherstMW11:00-12:15 PMMcLaughlin, D
   BIO 102-01TLGen Biol II   AmherstF8:00-10:30McLaughlin, D
10068   BIO 102-02MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Gray, S
   BIO 102-02MLGen Biol II   Main CampusW1:00-3:30 PMGray, S
10070   BIO 102-03MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMWF12:00-12:50 PMGray, S
   BIO 102-03MLGen Biol II   Main CampusF8:00-10:30Gray, S
10072   BIO 102-04MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Hogan, J
   BIO 102-04MLGen Biol II   Main CampusT2:00-4:30 PMHogan, J
10074   BIO 102-05MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Hogan, J
   BIO 102-05MLGen Biol II   Main CampusR2:00-4:30 PMHogan, J
10078   BIO 102-07MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Scott, L
   BIO 102-07MLGen Biol II   Main CampusW3:30-6:00 PMOkimoto, R
10080   BIO 102-08MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusMW9:00-10:15Ranson, T
   BIO 102-08MLGen Biol II   Main CampusW10:30-1:00 PMRanson, T
10082   BIO 102-09FAGen Biol II4   BedfordT10:45-11:45Edelman, L
   BIO 102-09FLGen Biol II   BedfordR10:45-1:15 PMEdelman, L
10084   BIO 102-10FAGen Biol II4   BedfordT2:00-4:30 PMEagen, M
   BIO 102-10FLGen Biol II   BedfordR2:00-4:30 PMEagen, M
10086   BIO 102-11XAGen Biol II4   AppomattoxT6:00-8:30 PMCochrane, S
   BIO 102-11XLGen Biol II   AppomattoxR6:00-8:30 PMCochrane, S
10088   BIO 102-12ODDynGen Biol II4   AltavistaT9:55-12:25 PMRanson, T
   BIO 102-12OLGen Biol II   AltavistaR9:55-12:25 PMRanson, T
10094   BIO 102-13XAGen Biol II4   AppomattoxMW8:15-9:30Cochrane, S
   BIO 102-13XLGen Biol II   AppomattoxF8:15-10:45Cochrane, S
   BIO 102-14LAGen Biol II   Main CampusR7:00-9:30 PMGray, S
60988   BIO 102-14MAGen Biol II4   Main CampusT7:00-9:30 PMGray, S
60994   BIO 102-15WAGen Biol II4   Virtual CampusOkimoto, R
   BIO 102-15WLGen Biol II   Virtual CampusOkimoto, R
73467   BIO 102-30QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMTF8:00-9:15Douglass, M
   BIO 102-30QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWR8:00-9:15 PMDouglass, M
73471   BIO 102-31QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusTF11:05-12:00 PMDouglass, M
   BIO 102-31QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWR11:05-12:00 PMDouglass, M
73401   BIO 102-80QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Lindeman, C
   BIO 102-80QLGen Biol II   Off CampusT7:30-10:10Lindeman, C
73503   BIO 107-60QDDynBiology of Environ4   Off CampusMWF1:10-2:20 PMJustice, M
   BIO 107-60QLBiology of Environ   Off CampusTR1:10-2:25 PMJustice, M
10096   BIO 141-01MAAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusW2:00-4:30 PMRanson, T
   BIO 141-01MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusF2:00-4:30 PMRanson, T
10098   BIO 141-02MAAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Penrod, J
   BIO 141-02MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusR2:00-4:30 PMPenrod, J
10100   BIO 141-03MAAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusW7:00-9:30 PMFloyd, D
   BIO 141-03MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusM7:00-9:30 PMFloyd, D
10102   BIO 141-04WAAnat/Physio I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 141-04WLAnat/Physio I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10106   BIO 142-02MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Penrod, J
   BIO 142-02MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusM1:00-3:30 PMPenrod, J
10108   BIO 142-03MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Scott, L
   BIO 142-03MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusW2:00-4:30 PMScott, L
10110   BIO 142-04MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMScott, L
   BIO 142-04MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusT2:00-4:30 PMScott, L
10112   BIO 142-05MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusM9:00-11:30Hogan, J
   BIO 142-05MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusW9:00-11:30Hogan, J
10114   BIO 142-06MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusM7:00-9:30 PMHogan, J
   BIO 142-06MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusW7:00-9:30 PMHogan, J
10116   BIO 142-07MAAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusR5:30-8:00 PMMcLaughlin, D
   BIO 142-07MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusT5:30-8:00 PMMcLaughlin, D
10118   BIO 142-08WAAnat/Physio II4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 142-08WLAnat/Physio II   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10120   BIO 142-09FAAnat/Physio II4   BedfordM7:00-9:30 PMWright, C
   BIO 142-09FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordW7:00-9:30 PMWright, C
10122   BIO 142-10FAAnat/Physio II4   BedfordM10:00-12:30 PMWright, C
   BIO 142-10FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordW10:00-12:30 PMWright, C
10124   BIO 142-11AAAnat/Physio II4   AltavistaT5:30-8:00 PMBoling, M
   BIO 142-11ALAnat/Physio II   AltavistaR5:30-8:00 PMBoling, M
10126   BIO 142-12XAAnat/Physio II4   AppomattoxM6:00-8:30 PMBoling, M
   BIO 142-12XLAnat/Physio II   AppomattoxW6:00-8:30 PMBoling, M
10128   BIO 142-13FAAnat/Physio II4   BedfordF8:00-10:30Eckes, D
   BIO 142-13FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordF11:00-1:30 PMEckes, D
19127   BIO 142-14TAAnat/Physio II4   AmherstMW8:00-9:15Floyd, D
   BIO 142-14TLAnat/Physio II   AmherstF8:00-10:30Floyd, D
10130   BIO 205-01MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Rhoads, T
   BIO 205-01MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusT9:30-12:00 PMRhoads, T
10132   BIO 205-02MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusMW12:15-1:30 PMRhoads, T
   BIO 205-02MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusW1:45-4:15 PMRhoads, T
62993   BIO 299-01MAMolecular Biology2   Main CampusMW12:30-1:30 PMHogan, J
Business Management & Admin
19065   BUS 100-01MAIntro Business3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Morrison Jr., P
19066   BUS 100-02MAIntro Business3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Keeth Williams, C
    R9:30-10:45Keeth Williams, C
19067   BUS 100-03MAIntro Business3   Main CampusT7:00-9:40 PMHoward, R
19068   BUS 100-04WAIntro Business3   Virtual CampusMorrison Jr., P
19069   BUS 111-01WAPrin Super I3   Virtual CampusMorrison Jr., P
19216   BUS 121-01HABus Math I3   Main CampusT2:00-3:15 PMKeeth Williams, C
19217   BUS 121-02WABus Math I3   Virtual CampusKeeth Williams, C
38618   BUS 121-03AABus Math I3   AltavistaM7:00-9:40 PMTowler, M
73987   BUS 195-01MDDynCustomer Service1   Main CampusS9:00-4:30 PMBrown, T
19163   BUS 200-01MAPrinciples Mgt3   Main CampusMWF12:00-12:50 PMMorrison Jr., P
19164   BUS 200-02MAPrinciples Mgt3   Main CampusR7:00-9:40 PMHoward, R
19165   BUS 200-03WAPrinciples Mgt3   Virtual CampusKeeth Williams, C
19180   BUS 205-01MAHum Resrce Mgt3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMKeeth Williams, C
    R11:00-11:50Keeth Williams, C
63163   BUS 214-01WACompensation Management3   Virtual CampusGilbert, H
63164   BUS 217-01WAEmployee Training & Develop3   Virtual CampusGilbert, H
19167   BUS 220-01HAIntro Bus Stat3   Main CampusT5:00-7:00 PMKeeth Williams, C
19168   BUS 222-01WABus Stats II3   Virtual CampusModen, R
19169   BUS 226-01MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusMW9:00-10:40Wither, W
19170   BUS 226-02MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusMW11:00-12:40 PMWither, W
19171   BUS 226-03MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusTR9:00-10:40Jones, M
19172   BUS 226-04MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusTR9:00-10:40Lester, J
19173   BUS 226-05MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:40 PMLester, J
19174   BUS 226-06MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:40 PMJones, M
19175   BUS 226-07MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusMW5:15-6:55 PMDanos, M
19176   BUS 226-08MAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusTR7:00-8:40 PMRice, C
19177   BUS 226-09WAComp Bus Appls3   Virtual CampusLester, J
19178   BUS 226-10WAComp Bus Appls3   Virtual CampusJones, M
38612   BUS 226-11AAComp Bus Appls3   AltavistaMW11:20-1:00 PMShort, K
38613   BUS 226-12AAComp Bus Appls3   AltavistaTR5:00-6:40 PMThomas, R
38614   BUS 226-13FAComp Bus Appls3   BedfordMW10:30-12:10 PMBurnette Jr., R
38615   BUS 226-14FAComp Bus Appls3   BedfordTR6:00-7:40 PMBryant, G
38616   BUS 226-15THComp Bus Appls3   AmherstMW8:00-8:55Danos, M
19179   BUS 241-01MABus Law I3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Morrison Jr., P
18935   CHM 111-01MACollege Chm I4   Main CampusR6:00-8:30 PMBoylan, S
   CHM 111-01MLCollege Chm I   Main CampusT6:00-8:30 PMBoylan, S
18937   CHM 111-02MACollege Chm I4   Main CampusM1:00-3:30 PMBoylan, S
   CHM 111-02MLCollege Chm I   Main CampusW1:00-3:30 PMBoylan, S
18939   CHM 112-01MACollege Chm II4   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Bowman, D
   CHM 112-01MLCollege Chm II   Main CampusF1:00-3:30 PMBowman, D
18941   CHM 112-02MACollege Chm II4   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Bowman, D
   CHM 112-02MLCollege Chm II   Main CampusT2:00-4:30 PMBowman, D
18943   CHM 112-03MACollege Chm II4   Main CampusW6:00-8:30 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
   CHM 112-03MLCollege Chm II   Main CampusM6:00-8:30 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
18945   CHM 112-04MACollege Chm II4   Main CampusT6:45-9:15 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
   CHM 112-04MLCollege Chm II   Main CampusR6:45-9:15 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
18947   CHM 242-01MAOrganic Chm II3   Main CampusM9:00-9:50Bowman, D
18948   CHM 244-01MLOrg Chm Lab II1   Main CampusM1:00-3:30 PMBowman, D
Child Care
19200   CHD 145-01MATeach Art, Mus, Mvmt/Child3   Main CampusT6:00-9:40 PMHaskell, M
19201   CHD 146-01MAMath, Sci & Soc Stud/Child3   Main CampusR6:00-8:40 PMHaskell, M
73435   CHD 165-10QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-11:00Parks, P
73442   CHD 165-20QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMHorrell, S
73443   CHD 165-50QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF8:15-9:50Matthews, R
73493   CHD 165-70QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMRichendollar, D
19203   CHD 190-01MACoord Intern3   Main CampusWaddell, J
75480   CHD 199-01MDDynIntro Early Childhood Educatio3   Main CampusMTWRF5:00-8:00Haskell, M
19202   CHD 205-01MAGuid Behav Chd3   Main CampusW6:00-8:40 PMHaskell, M
Communication Studies &Theater
19204   CST 100-01MAPublic Speaking3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Tyler, R
19205   CST 100-02MAPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Tyler, R
19206   CST 100-03MAPublic Speaking3   Main CampusT5:30-8:10 PMLayne, S
19207   CST 100-04MAPublic Speaking3   Main CampusR5:30-8:10 PMLayne, S
19208   CST 100-05MAPublic Speaking3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMTyler, R
19209   CST 100-06M22ndPublic Speaking3   Main CampusTR1:00-3:40 PMBrown, J
19210   CST 100-07OAPublic Speaking3   AltavistaMWF9:45-10:35Sheridan, N
19401   CST 100-08XAPublic Speaking3   AppomattoxMW11:45-1:00 PMLayne, S
19402   CST 100-09FAPublic Speaking3   BedfordR6:30-9:10 PMRaintree, B
19403   CST 100-10TAPublic Speaking3   AmherstMW9:00-10:15Layne, S
19211   CST 110-01MAInt Spch Comm3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Tyler, R
19212   CST 110-02MAInt Spch Comm3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Tyler, R
19213   CST 110-03WAInt Spch Comm3   Virtual CampusAlatorre, P
70104   CST 110-04M22ndInt Spch Comm3   Main CampusTR2:00-4:40 PMTyler, R
Cosmetology Theory
18934   COS 82-01MACosmetology II5   Main CampusTR5:45-8:00 PMWilson, J
18951   DRF 112-01MATech Drft II3   Main CampusMW7:30-10:00 PMAnderson Jr., W
73379   DRF 112-28QDDynTech Drft II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:00-12:55 PMSmith, R
18950   DRF 128-01M22ndGeom Dim/Toler2   Main CampusW5:30-8:45 PMTrepanitis, S
18953   DRF 128-03MAGeom Dim/Toler2   Main CampusMW3:30-4:45 PMDillard, L
18949   DRF 166-01M11stWeld Bl/Prt Rd2   Main CampusMW10:00-11:45Tucciarone, D
64541   DRF 166-02M11stWeld Bl/Prt Rd2   Main CampusMW5:15-7:00 PMTucciarone, D
71925   DRF 197-01MDDynCoop Education in Drafting3   Main CampusMTWRF7:00-8:00Talbott, K
63185   DRF 201-02MACAD & Dsng I3   Main CampusMW2:00-4:15 PMSheafe, C
18973   DRF 212-01MAAdv Tec Drf II3   Main CampusMW8:00-10:15 PMSheafe, C
36863   DRF 241-01MAPmet Solid Model I3   Main CampusTR8:00-10:15 PMBourne, K
18974   DRF 280-01MADesign Capst Proj3   Main CampusT5:30-8:00 PMBourne, K
71927   DRF 297-01MDDynCoop Educ D&D3   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-9:00Talbott, K
19031   ECO 120-01MASurvey Econ3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Wade, E
19032   ECO 120-02MASurvey Econ3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Moden, R
19033   ECO 120-03WASurvey Econ3   Virtual CampusModen, R
19034   ECO 120-04CASurvey Econ3   Main CampusW7:00-9:40 PMBanyi, J
19035   ECO 120-5ACASurvey Econ3   AltavistaW7:00-9:40 PMBanyi, J
19041   ECO 120-6FCASurvey Econ3   BedfordW7:00-9:40 PMBanyi, J
19044   ECO 201-01MAPrin Eco Macro3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Wade, E
    W8:00-8:50Wade, E
19045   ECO 201-02WAPrin Eco Macro3   Virtual CampusWade, E
19046   ECO 202-01MAPrin Eco Micro3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Wade, E
19047   ECO 202-02MAPrin Eco Micro3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMModen, R
19049   ECO 202-04WAPrin Eco Micro3   Virtual CampusModen, R
74624   EDU 195-01MDDynMobile Devices-21st Cent Lrng1   AppomattoxM5:30-9:30 PMFisher, S
74756   EDU 195-02MACreatng Dig Txts for Mobile De1   AppomattoxW5:30-9:30 PMRichardson, D
65381   EDU 200-01MAIntr Teach Pro3   Main CampusM7:00-9:40 PMWaddell, J
19215   EDU 280-01WATech Stand for Teachers3   Virtual CampusMartin, S
Electrical Technology
71128   ELE 118-02M22ndPract Electric2   Main CampusTR2:00-4:30 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
Electronics Technology
19092   ETR 114-01MAD.C./A.C. Fund3   Main CampusMW5:00-7:05 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
19093   ETR 123-01MAEtr Applica I2   Main CampusMW7:30-10:00 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
19095   ETR 234-01MAElect Appl IV1   Main CampusW2:00-4:30 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
73341   ETR 285-20QDDynMicrocom Repair4   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMHarper, J
Emergency Medical Services
52653   EMS 100-01MDDynCPR/Hlthcare1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMPurvis, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMGoodin, C
52654   EMS 111-01MAEMT/Basic7   Main CampusMW9:00-12:50 PMBruce, M
    MW9:00-12:50 PMDavis, A
    MW9:00-12:50 PMBruce, M
    MW9:00-12:50 PMDavis, A
52655   EMS 111-02MAEMT/Basic7   Main CampusMW6:00-9:50 PMAiken, L
    MW6:00-9:50 PMCox, D
    MW6:00-9:50 PMAiken, L
    MW6:00-9:50 PMCox, D
52656   EMS 120-01MAEMT/Basic Clinical1   Main CampusMTWRF0:00-0:01Bruce, M
52657   EMS 120-02MAEMT/Basic Clinical1   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Aiken, L
52658   EMS 151-01MAIntro Adv Life Supp4   Main CampusT5:30-9:45 PMGreer, J
    T5:30-9:45 PMKersey, J
    T5:30-9:45 PMGreer, J
52679   EMS 155-01MAMedical Care4   Main CampusW1:30-5:30 PMParker, C
    W1:30-5:30 PMParker, C
52680   EMS 155-02MAMedical Care4   Main CampusR5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    R5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
52686   EMS 159-01MASpec Populations3   Main CampusW9:00-12:30 PMParker, C
52687   EMS 159-02MASpec Populations3   Main CampusT6:00-9:30 PMParker, C
52647   EMS 161-01MDDynITLS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    U8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    U8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52689   EMS 165-02MDDynACLS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52690   EMS 165-03MDDynACLS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52691   EMS 165-04MDDynACLS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52692   EMS 169-01MDDynPALS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52693   EMS 169-02MDDynPALS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52694   EMS 169-03MDDynPALS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52698   EMS 170-01MAALS Internship I1   Main CampusMTWRF0:02-0:03Aiken, L
52700   EMS 172-01MAALS Clin Intern II1   Main CampusMTWRF0:03-0:04Hamlett, A
52701   EMS 172-02MAALS Clin Intern II1   Main CampusMTWRF0:04-0:05Hamlett, A
52702   EMS 172-03MAALS Clin Intern II1   Main CampusMTWRF0:05-0:06Hamlett, A
52706   EMS 173-01MAALS Field Intern II1   Main CampusMTWRF0:06-0:07Aiken, L
52707   EMS 173-02MAALS Field Intern II1   Main CampusMTWRF0:07-0:08Aiken, L
52708   EMS 173-03MAALS Field Intern II1   Main CampusMTWRF0:08-0:09Aiken, L
52709   EMS 209-01MAAdv Pharmacology4   Main CampusT1:00-5:00 PMFerguson, R
52710   EMS 209-02MAAdv Pharmacology4   Main CampusM5:30-9:30 PMFerguson, R
52712   EMS 211-01MAOperations2   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMChildress, H
52713   EMS 215-01MDDynRegistry Review1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52716   EMS 216-01MDDynParamedic Review1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMFerguson, R
    S8:00-5:00 PMFerguson, R
52717   EMS 244-01MAALS Cln Intern IV1   Main CampusMTWRF0:09-0:10Hamlett, A
52718   EMS 244-02MAALS Cln Intern IV1   Main CampusMTWRF0:10-0:11Hamlett, A
69177   EMS 244-03MAALS Cln Intern IV1   Main CampusMTWRF0:11-0:12Hamlett, A
52719   EMS 245-01MAALS Field Int IV1   Main CampusMTWRF0:12-0:13Aiken, L
52720   EMS 245-02MAALS Field Int IV1   Main CampusMTWRF0:13-0:14Hamlett, A
69178   EMS 245-03MAALS Field Int IV1   Main CampusMTWRF0:14-0:15Hamlett, A
18975   EGR 120-01WAIntro to Engineering1   Virtual CampusShort, K
18976   EGR 126-01MACmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Main CampusTR9:00-10:40Gomes, K
18977   EGR 126-02WACmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Virtual CampusShort, K
18978   EGR 126-03MACmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Main CampusTR7:10-8:50 PMEckes, J
18997   EGR 135-01MAStatics/Egr T3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Gomes, K
18999   EGR 136-01MAStrength/Mater3   Main CampusMW5:30-6:45 PMGomes, K
19002   EGR 245-01MAEng Mech/Dyna3   Main CampusMW9:00-10:15Gomes, K
19003   EGR 245-02MAEng Mech/Dyna3   Main CampusTR5:30-6:45 PMGomes, K
19005   EGR 246-01MAMech Materials3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMGomes, K
62881   EGR 248-01MAThermodyn EGR3   Main CampusMW3:00-4:15 PMJones, J
58151   ENG 111-01MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMW12:00-1:15 PMWood, S
58663   ENG 111-02MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR2:00-3:15 PMBarbour, K
58664   ENG 111-03MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMW6:30-7:45 PMBarbour, K
58665   ENG 111-04MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMW9:00-10:15Velez, L
58666   ENG 111-05MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMVelez, L
60057   ENG 111-06MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR9:00-10:15Smith, G
60058   ENG 111-07MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR6:00-7:15 PMBryant, J
60059   ENG 111-08MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Nelson, L
60060   ENG 111-09MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Maurice, W
60061   ENG 111-10MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMWF1:00-1:50 PMLatimer, M
60062   ENG 111-11MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR2:00-3:15 PMSizemore, V
62676   ENG 111-12WACol Compos I3   Virtual CampusDorman, P
74875   ENG 111-13M22ndCol Compos I3   Main CampusTR2:00-4:00 PMJenkins, S
65979   ENG 111-15MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR1:00-2:15 PMNelson, L
65984   ENG 111-16MACol Compos I3   Main CampusMW2:00-3:15 PMBryant, J
66381   ENG 111-17AACol Compos I3   AltavistaMW6:30-7:45 PMRoderique, T
70103   ENG 111-21MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMWood, S
70746   ENG 111-22M22ndCol Compos I3   Main CampusMW2:00-4:40 PMWood, S
19218   ENG 112-01MACol Compos II3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Jenkins, S
19219   ENG 112-02MACol Compos II3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Jenkins, S
19220   ENG 112-03MACol Compos II3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Poff Jr., C
19221   ENG 112-04HACol Compos II3   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Velez, L
19222   ENG 112-05HACol Compos II3   Main CampusM2:00-3:40 PMBarbour, K
19223   ENG 112-06MACol Compos II3   Main CampusMWF1:00-1:50 PMPoff Jr., C
19224   ENG 112-07MACol Compos II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Shiree, R
19225   ENG 112-08MACol Compos II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Sizemore, V
19226   ENG 112-09MACol Compos II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMBarbour, K
19227   ENG 112-10MACol Compos II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMLatimer, M
19228   ENG 112-11WACol Compos II3   Virtual CampusAnderson, K
19229   ENG 112-12WACol Compos II3   Virtual CampusAnderson, K
19238   ENG 112-13MACol Compos II3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15Sizemore, V
19239   ENG 112-14MACol Compos II3   Main CampusT7:00-9:40 PMLose, C
19240   ENG 112-15MACol Compos II3   Main CampusTR5:30-6:45 PMMoodie, B
19412   ENG 112-17TACol Compos II3   AmherstMW1:00-2:15 PMDalton, M
19407   ENG 112-18XACol Compos II3   AppomattoxMW8:15-9:30Huffman, E
19408   ENG 112-19XACol Compos II3   AppomattoxTR8:15-9:30Huffman, E
19409   ENG 112-20FACol Compos II3   BedfordMWF10:30-11:20Latimer, M
19410   ENG 112-21FACol Compos II3   BedfordMW9:00-10:15Latimer, M
19414   ENG 112-24AACol Compos II3   AltavistaMW5:15-6:30 PMRoderique, T
73389   ENG 112-24QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-10:05Williams, S
73390   ENG 112-25QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:00-2:00 PMWilliams, S
19416   ENG 112-26OACol Compos II3   AltavistaTR8:35-9:50Green, C
73391   ENG 112-26QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:50-12:25 PMWilliams, S
73400   ENG 112-27QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:20-3:10 PMTickle, S
62754   ENG 112-27TACol Compos II3   AmherstTR9:30-10:45Dalton, M
70751   ENG 112-28M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMW11:00-1:40 PMJenkins, S
73403   ENG 112-28QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:10-11:43Tickle, S
73405   ENG 112-29QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:05-9:45Tickle, S
73407   ENG 112-30QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:15-11:05Serio, D
73410   ENG 112-31QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:35-1:25 PMSerio, D
73416   ENG 112-41QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:55-2:45 PMKelley, C
73417   ENG 112-42QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF7:45-8:35Kelley, C
73418   ENG 112-50QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:40-3:05 PMJohnson, J
73420   ENG 112-70QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:35-11:25Coleman, E
73422   ENG 112-90QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:55-9:48Carey, H
73423   ENG 112-91QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:04-11:04Carey, H
73424   ENG 112-92QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:44-2:35 PMTinney, C
73425   ENG 112-93QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:35 PMTinney, C
19241   ENG 121-01WAIntr Jrnl I3   Virtual CampusVines, J
19243   ENG 131-02WATech Rpt Wr I3   Virtual CampusDorman, P
19246   ENG 241-01WASur Am Lit I3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
19247   ENG 241-02MASur Am Lit I3   Main CampusMW5:30-6:45 PMMoodie, B
69454   ENG 241-03WASur Am Lit I3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
19248   ENG 242-01MASur Am Lit II3   Main CampusMWF12:00-12:50 PMDorman, P
19249   ENG 242-02WASur Am Lit II3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
19250   ENG 242-03MASur Am Lit II3   Main CampusTR2:00-3:15 PMDorman, P
19251   ENG 244-01MASur Eng Lit II3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Poff Jr., C
19245   ENG 250-01MAChildrens Lit3   Main CampusR7:00-9:40 PMGreen, C
19252   ENG 252-01MASur Wld Lit II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMPoff Jr., C
19417   ENG 252-02XASur Wld Lit II3   AppomattoxMW10:00-11:15Huffman, E
19422   ENG 252-03FASur Wld Lit II3   BedfordMWF10:30-11:20Boncal, R
19429   ENG 252-04TASur Wld Lit II3   AmherstTR9:30-10:45Hamner, P
19439   ENG 252-05OASur Wld Lit II3   AltavistaMW10:45-12:00 PMGreen, C
69451   ENG 252-06MASur Wld Lit II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Poff Jr., C
English Fundamentals
56162   ENF 1-01MAPreparing/College English I8   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:50Nelson, L
56197   ENF 2-01MAPreparing/College English II4   Main CampusMW9:00-10:50Hamner, P
56198   ENF 2-02MAPreparing/College English II4   Main CampusTR8:00-9:50Farley, C
56199   ENF 2-03MAPreparing/College English II4   Main CampusTR6:00-7:50 PMCrowther, M
56200   ENF 2-04MAPreparing/College English II4   Main CampusTR9:00-10:50Latimer, M
58538   ENF 3-01MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Wood, S
58542   ENF 3-02MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusTR3:30-4:20 PMBarbour, K
58547   ENF 3-03MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusMW5:30-6:20 PMBarbour, K
58549   ENF 3-04MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusMW8:00-8:50Velez, L
58554   ENF 3-05MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusTR10:00-10:50Velez, L
65965   ENF 3-15MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusTR12:00-12:50 PMNelson, L
65969   ENF 3-16MAPreparing/College English III2   Main CampusMW1:00-1:50 PMBryant, J
Environmental Science
19072   ENV 115-01MAWater Puri3   Main CampusM6:30-9:00 PMFrench, D
Financial Services
19004   FIN 215-01MAFinancial Mgt3   Main CampusM7:00-9:40 PMWade, E
19253   FRE 102-01MABeg French II4   Main CampusTR5:00-6:40 PMSowell, R
19254   GEO 210-01WAPeople & Land3   Virtual CampusCakir, J
19009   GOL 110-01MAEarth Science4   Main CampusW3:00-5:30 PMTinsley, M
   GOL 110-01MLEarth Science   Main CampusM3:00-5:30 PMTinsley, M
19011   GOL 110-02WAEarth Science4   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-02WLEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
Health Information Management
47682   HIM 195-01MAHlth Comp/Billing3   Main CampusT7:00-9:40 PMBarber, L
47684   HIM 254-01MAAdv Cod Reimbu4   Main CampusTR5:15-6:55 PMHartless, L
Health Services
19050   HLT 100-01MAFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusTR11:00-11:50Wither, M
19051   HLT 100-02MAFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusTR12:00-12:50 PMWither, M
19052   HLT 100-03MAFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusR9:00-10:40Wither, M
70584   HLT 106-01MAFir Aid/Safety2   Main CampusM11:30-1:20 PMHermosa, H
19053   HLT 110-01MAPer/Com Health3   Main CampusMW11:00-12:15 PMWither, M
    MW11:00-12:30 PMWither, M
19054   HLT 110-02WAPer/Com Health3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
38622   HLT 110-03FAPer/Com Health3   BedfordTR9:30-10:45Vickery, W
38623   HLT 110-04TAPer/Com Health3   AmherstMW8:00-9:15Payne, G
38624   HLT 110-05XAPer/Com Health3   AppomattoxMW11:45-1:00 PMFloyd, D
58608   HLT 110-06OAPer/Com Health3   AltavistaTR8:35-9:50Retnam, F
19055   HLT 116-01MAPerson Welness2   Main CampusT2:00-3:50 PMPainter, K
19135   HLT 116-02WAPerson Welness2   Virtual CampusFreeman III, W
19136   HLT 121-01WADrug Use/Abuse3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
19137   HLT 135-01MAChild Hea & Nu3   Main CampusM4:00-6:40 PMBrown, B
19138   HLT 141-01CAIntr Med Term2   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Freeman III, W
19139   HLT 141-02MAIntr Med Term2   Main CampusT4:00-5:50 PMPainter, K
19140   HLT 141-03MAIntr Med Term2   Main CampusM7:00-8:40 PMPearson, J
19141   HLT 141-04WAIntr Med Term2   Virtual CampusFreeman III, W
19142   HLT 141-5ACAIntr Med Term2   AltavistaMW11:00-11:50Freeman III, W
19143   HLT 141-6FCAIntr Med Term2   BedfordMW11:00-11:50Freeman III, W
19144   HLT 141-8TCAIntr Med Term2   AmherstMW11:00-11:50Freeman III, W
19145   HLT 141-9XCAIntr Med Term2   AppomattoxMW11:00-11:50Freeman III, W
19146   HLT 143-01MAMed Term I3   Main CampusTR10:00-11:15Freeman III, W
72240   HLT 190-01M22ndCoord Intern Phrm Tech3   Main CampusMWF0:01-0:02Curling, D
19151   HLT 230-01MAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMMeyer, S
19152   HLT 230-02MAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusW5:15-7:55 PMFreeman III, W
19154   HLT 230-03HAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Main CampusM1:00-2:40 PMFreeman III, W
19153   HLT 230-04WAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Virtual CampusDewitt, M
38680   HLT 230-05FAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   BedfordW12:00-2:30 PMVickery, W
72235   HLT 262-02M22ndBasic Pharmacy II3   Main CampusM5:30-10:30 PMCurling, D
72239   HLT 264-02MLBasic Pharm Lab II1   Main CampusW5:30-6:30 PMCurling, D
19256   HIS 101-02MAWest Civ I3   Main CampusW7:00-9:40 PMMcCullough, J
19395   HIS 101-03TAWest Civ I3   AmherstW4:00-6:40 PMRychkov, C
63423   HIS 101-04WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
64435   HIS 101-05WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
19257   HIS 102-01MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Poteat, R
19258   HIS 102-02MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Poteat, R
19259   HIS 102-03MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50Poteat, R
19260   HIS 102-04MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusTR8:00-9:15McCullough, J
19261   HIS 102-05MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Jones, K
19262   HIS 102-06MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMLocke, J
19263   HIS 102-07MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusM7:00-9:40 PMMcCullough, J
19264   HIS 102-08WAWest Civ II3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
19431   HIS 102-11AAWest Civ II3   AltavistaR7:00-9:40 PMRychkov, C
19432   HIS 102-12AHWest Civ II3   AltavistaF12:45-2:00 PMOverstreet, R
65051   HIS 102-13MAWest Civ II3   Main CampusMWF1:00-1:50 PMMcCullough, J
64441   HIS 121-01MAUS Hist I3   Main CampusTR1:00-2:15 PMStowe, J
19265   HIS 121-02WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusPoteat, R
19266   HIS 121-03WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusPoteat, R
19267   HIS 122-01MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50McGee, D
19268   HIS 122-02MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50McGee, D
19269   HIS 122-03MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusMWF11:00-11:50McGee, D
19270   HIS 122-04MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45McGee, D
19271   HIS 122-05CAUS Hist II3   Main CampusTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19276   HIS 122-10MAUS Hist II3   Main CampusR7:00-9:40 PMMcGrath, T
19277   HIS 122-11WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
19278   HIS 122-12WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
19396   HIS 122-13TAUS Hist II3   AmherstMW9:30-10:45Stowe, J
19397   HIS 122-14XAUS Hist II3   AppomattoxTR10:00-11:15McCullough, J
19398   HIS 122-15FAUS Hist II3   BedfordMWF9:30-10:20Cheek-Messier, A
19399   HIS 122-16FAUS Hist II3   BedfordM6:00-8:40 PMBennett, T
19400   HIS 122-17OAUS Hist II3   AltavistaMW10:45-12:00 PMMcCullough, J
19272   HIS 122-6ACAUS Hist II3   AltavistaTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19273   HIS 122-7TCAUS Hist II3   AmherstTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19274   HIS 122-8FCAUS Hist II3   BedfordTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19275   HIS 122-9XCAUS Hist II3   AppomattoxTR11:00-12:15 PMJones, K
19304   HIS 255-01WAHis Chin Cult&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
19305   HIS 256-01WAJapan Cul&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
19306   HIS 281-01WAHistory of VA I3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
Hotel-Restaurant-Inst Mgmt
71818   HRI 80-02MDDynIntro to Food Serv Assisting3   Main CampusMW9:00-10:50Roth, A
26888   HRI 128-01MAPrin Baking3   Main CampusM9:30-2:30 PMHughes, P
26889   HRI 128-02MAPrin Baking3   Main CampusM4:00-9:00 PMHughes, P
60807   HRI 140-01MAFund Quality for Hosp Ind3   Main CampusMW10:30-11:45Launi, D
    W10:30-11:30Launi, D
60808   HRI 140-02MAFund Quality for Hosp Ind3   Main CampusMW4:00-5:15 PMLauni, D
    W4:00-5:00 PMLauni, D
26930   HRI 190-01MACoord Intern HRI3   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Launi, D
60803   HRI 207-01MAAmer Reg Cuisine3   Main CampusF9:30-2:30 PMHughes, P
26890   HRI 218-01MAFruit, Veg. & Starch Prep3   Main CampusR9:30-2:30 PMLauni, D
    R12:30-1:30 PMLauni, D
26891   HRI 218-02MAFruit, Veg. & Starch Prep3   Main CampusW4:00-9:00 PMOwens, C
26892   HRI 220-01MAMeat/Seafd/Pltry Prep3   Main CampusT9:30-2:30 PMMcGehee, B
26893   HRI 220-02MAMeat/Seafd/Pltry Prep3   Main CampusT4:00-9:00 PMBurbridge, M
26895   HRI 228-01MAFood Product Oper3   Main CampusMW9:00-10:15Phelps, K
60799   HRI 228-02MAFood Product Oper3   Main CampusMW5:30-6:45 PMPhelps, K
26894   HRI 251-01MAFood/Bev Cost Cntrl I3   Main CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMRoth, A
60802   HRI 251-02MAFood/Bev Cost Cntrl I3   Main CampusMW7:00-8:15 PMRoth, A
Human Services
19307   HMS 190-01MACoord Intern HMS3   Main CampusPiercy, J
19308   HMS 210-01MAMarriage & Fam Rel3   Main CampusW7:00-9:40 PMHill, L
65887   HMS 231-01MAGerontology I3   Main CampusM7:00-9:40 PMFronheiser, H
24856   HMS 232-01MAGerontology II3   Main CampusR7:00-9:40 PMFronheiser, H
50962   HUM 260-01WASur 20th Century Cul3   Virtual CampusMcGee, D
Industrial Engineering Tech
66497   IND 103-01MDDynIndust Methods1   Main CampusF9:00-11:45Talbott, K
18957   IND 105-01MANdi & Testing3   Main CampusF1:00-3:30 PMKnapp Jr., A
66493   IND 106-01MDDynIndt Engr Tech3   Main CampusMTWR2:45-4:45 PMTalbott, K
18958   IND 113-01MAMat/Pro Man I2   Main CampusM5:30-7:10 PMAnderson Jr., W
66450   IND 140-01MAQual Control2   Main CampusT5:15-6:50 PMForooghmand Arabi, A
66495   IND 140-02MDDyn