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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
27146   ACC 211-11MAPrin Acct I4   Main CampusTR5:30-8:15 PMArrington, K
14571   ACC 211-21W11stPrin Acct I4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
14572   ACC 212-31W22ndPrin Acct II4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
Administrative Support Tech
14601   AST 101-11WAKeyboarding I3   Virtual CampusJones, M
14602   AST 107-11WAEditing/Proof3   Virtual CampusJones, M
14603   AST 253-11WAAdv Desktop I3   Virtual CampusLester, J
Air Condition & Refrigeration
10002   AIR 158-21M11stMech Code2   Main CampusR5:30-11:00 PMAlderman, M
10003   AIR 295-21M11stEPA Certification2   Main CampusT5:30-11:00 PMAlderman, M
10004   AIR 295-22M11stEPA Certification2   Main CampusW5:30-11:00 PMAlderman, M
10164   ART 100-11AAArt Appreciation3   AltavistaTR1:00-2:55 PMMulwee, R
10165   ART 101-01WAHis/Apr Art I3   Virtual CampusPeters, L
10013   BIO 101-01WAGen Biol I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 101-01WLGen Biol I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10025   BIO 101-21M11stGen Biol I4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Ranson, T
   BIO 101-21MLGen Biol I   Main CampusMTWR11:00-12:55 PMRanson, T
10027   BIO 101-22M11stGen Biol I4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMPenrod, J
   BIO 101-22MLGen Biol I   Main CampusMTWR3:00-4:55 PMPenrod, J
10035   BIO 102-31M22ndGen Biol II4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Cox, N
   BIO 102-31MLGen Biol II   Main CampusMTWR11:00-12:55 PMCox, N
10037   BIO 102-32M22ndGen Biol II4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMPenrod, J
   BIO 102-32MLGen Biol II   Main CampusMTWR3:00-4:55Penrod, J
10045   BIO 141-11TAAnat/Physio I4   AmherstMW9:30-11:30Floyd, D
   BIO 141-11TLAnat/Physio I   AmherstF8:00-12:00 PMFloyd, D
10015   BIO 141-11WAAnat/Physio I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 141-11WLAnat/Physio I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10029   BIO 141-21M11stAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55McLaughlin, D
   BIO 141-21MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55McLaughlin, D
10031   BIO 141-22M11stAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMEckes, D
   BIO 141-22MLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55 PMEckes, D
10033   BIO 141-23F11stAnat/Physio I4   BedfordMTWR9:00-10:55Wright, C
   BIO 141-23FLAnat/Physio I   BedfordMTWR11:00-12:55 PMWright, C
10039   BIO 142-31M22ndAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Hogan, J
   BIO 142-31MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Hogan, J
10041   BIO 142-32M22ndAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMBradshaw, R
   BIO 142-32MLAnat/Physio II   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55 PMBradshaw, R
10043   BIO 142-33F22ndAnat/Physio II4   BedfordMTWR9:00-10:55Morrissey Jr., J
   BIO 142-33FLAnat/Physio II   BedfordMTWR11:00-12:55 PMMorrissey Jr., J
10017   BIO 205-11MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:00Scott, L
   BIO 205-11MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusTR10:30-12:30 PMScott, L
10019   BIO 205-12MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:00 PMScott, L
   BIO 205-12MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusMW2:30-4:30 PMScott, L
10021   BIO 205-13MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusMTWR10:30-11:30Rhoads, T
   BIO 205-13MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusMW8:00-10:00Rhoads, T
10023   BIO 205-14MAGen Microbiol4   Main CampusMTWR11:30-12:30 PMRhoads, T
   BIO 205-14MLGen Microbiol   Main CampusTR8:00-10:00Rhoads, T
Business Management & Admin
14582   BUS 100-11WAIntro Business3   Virtual CampusMorrison Jr., P
14617   BUS 100-12AAIntro Business3   AltavistaTR5:30-7:25 PMTowler, M
34250   BUS 100-3OHAIntro Business3   Off CampusW3:00-5:00 PMMorrison Jr., P
14583   BUS 111-11WAPrin Super I3   Virtual CampusMorrison Jr., P
14585   BUS 121-11WABus Math I3   Virtual CampusKeeth Williams, C
14588   BUS 200-11WAPrinciples Mgt3   Virtual CampusKeeth Williams, C
20281   BUS 202-11WAApplied Mgt Prin3   Virtual CampusKeeth Williams, C
14589   BUS 205-11WAHum Resrce Mgt3   Virtual CampusKeeth Williams, C
27234   BUS 221-21W11stBus Stats I3   Virtual CampusModen, R
14592   BUS 222-31W22ndBus Stats II3   Virtual CampusModen, R
14594   BUS 226-11HAComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusM5:30-8:10 PMLester, J
14596   BUS 226-12WAComp Bus Appls3   Virtual CampusJones, M
14597   BUS 226-13WAComp Bus Appls3   Virtual CampusLester, J
14619   BUS 226-14AAComp Bus Appls3   AltavistaMW2:05-4:00 PMBurnette Jr., R
20273   BUS 226-32M22ndComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusMWR8:30-12:00 PMLester, J
14599   BUS 241-11MABus Law I3   Main CampusTR5:30-7:25 PMMorrison Jr., P
10083   CHM 111-21M11stCollege Chm I4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
   CHM 111-21MLCollege Chm I   Main CampusMTWR3:00-4:55 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
10085   CHM 111-22M11stCollege Chm I4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMBoylan, S
   CHM 111-22MLCollege Chm I   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55 PMBoylan, S
10087   CHM 112-31M22ndCollege Chm II4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
   CHM 112-31MLCollege Chm II   Main CampusMTWR3:00-4:55 PMBoylan, S
10089   CHM 112-32M22ndCollege Chm II4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMAyala, N
   CHM 112-32MLCollege Chm II   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55 PMAyala, N
Child Care
33289   CHD 190-01MACoord Intern3   Main CampusM12:00-12:01 PMWaddell, J
Communication Studies &Theater
10166   CST 100-21M11stPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTW4:00-6:40 PMTyler, R
10167   CST 100-22M11stPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTW7:00-9:40 PMTyler, R
10168   CST 100-23M11stPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTW1:00-3:40 PMTyler, R
10169   CST 100-31M22ndPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTWR11:00-12:55 PMBrown, J
10171   CST 110-11WAInt Spch Comm3   Virtual CampusAlatorre, P
14573   ECO 120-11CASurvey Econ3   Main CampusMW5:20-7:15 PMBanyi, J
14574   ECO 120-12WASurvey Econ3   Virtual CampusModen, R
14575   ECO 120-3ACASurvey Econ3   AltavistaMW5:20-7:15 PMBanyi, J
14577   ECO 120-5TCASurvey Econ3   AmherstMW5:20-7:15 PMBanyi, J
14579   ECO 201-11WAPrin Eco Macro3   Virtual CampusWade, E
14581   ECO 202-11WAPrin Eco Micro3   Virtual CampusWade, E
16541   EDU 285-01WATeach Online Prog (TOP)3   Virtual CampusWheeler, I
Emergency Medical Services
14216   EMS 100-01MDDynCPR/Hlthcare1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMFerguson, R
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
14217   EMS 111-11MAEMT/Basic7   Main CampusMTW9:00-12:50 PMFerguson, R
    MTW9:00-12:50 PMParker, C
14218   EMS 111-12MAEMT/Basic7   Main CampusMTW6:00-9:50 PMAiken, L
    MTW6:00-9:50 PMParker, C
14219   EMS 120-11MAEMT/Basic Clinical1   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Ferguson, R
14220   EMS 120-12MAEMT/Basic Clinical1   Main CampusMTWRF0:02-0:03Aiken, L
14221   EMS 151-11MAIntro Adv Life Supp4   Main CampusTR5:30-9:30 PMGreer, J
    TR5:30-9:30 PMKersey, J
14222   EMS 170-11MAALS Internship I1   Main CampusMTWRF0:02-0:03Parker, C
29193   EGR 120-11WAIntro to Engineering1   Virtual CampusShort, K
29194   EGR 126-11WACmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Virtual CampusShort, K
35137   EGR 126-21M22ndCmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Main CampusMTWRF1:15-2:45 PMTalbott, K
10008   EGR 136-11MAStrength/Mater3   Main CampusMW5:30-7:30 PMGomes, K
19626   EGR 246-11MAMech Materials3   Main CampusTR5:30-7:30 PMGomes, K
10172   ENG 111-11WACol Compos I3   Virtual CampusDorman, P
10173   ENG 111-12WACol Compos I3   Virtual CampusVelez, L
20943   ENG 111-13MACol Compos I3   Main CampusTR10:15-12:15 PMWood, S
10174   ENG 111-21M11stCol Compos I3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMMoodie, B
10175   ENG 111-22M11stCol Compos I3   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Latimer, M
32717   ENG 112-10WACol Compos II3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
10180   ENG 112-11WACol Compos II3   Virtual CampusVelez, L
10181   ENG 112-12AACol Compos II3   AltavistaMW4:00-5:55 PMRoderique, T
10182   ENG 112-21M11stCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Jenkins, S
10183   ENG 112-31M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMMoodie, B
10184   ENG 112-32M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Latimer, M
10185   ENG 112-33M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTWR11:00-12:55 PMLatimer, M
10187   ENG 131-11WATech Rpt Wr I3   Virtual CampusDorman, P
35029   ENG 211-01M22ndCreat Write I3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMLatimer, M
10188   ENG 241-11WASur Am Lit I3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
23155   ENG 241-12WASur Am Lit I3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
10189   ENG 241-21M11stSur Am Lit I3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMDorman, P
10191   ENG 242-31M22ndSur Am Lit II3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMDorman, P
10192   ENG 242-32M22ndSur Am Lit II3   Main CampusMTWR10:15-12:10 PMPoff Jr., C
10194   GEO 210-11WAPeople & Land3   Virtual CampusCakir, J
10005   GOL 110-11WAEarth Science4   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-11WLEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
Health Services
14608   HLT 100-21M11stFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusMTW1:00-2:50 PMOsborne, M
14610   HLT 100-31M22ndFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusMTW5:30-6:55 PMHamlett, A
14611   HLT 110-11WAPer/Com Health3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
14612   HLT 141-11WAIntr Med Term2   Virtual CampusPearson, J
14614   HLT 230-11FAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   BedfordM11:00-2:45 PMVickery, W
10195   HIS 101-11WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
10197   HIS 101-21M11stWest Civ I3   Main CampusMTW9:00-11:40Stowe, J
10199   HIS 102-11WAWest Civ II3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
10200   HIS 102-31M22ndWest Civ II3   Main CampusMTW9:00-11:40Stowe, J
10202   HIS 121-11WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
10203   HIS 121-21M11stUS Hist I3   Main CampusMTW10:00-12:40 PMMcGee, D
10204   HIS 122-11WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusRychkov, C
10205   HIS 122-31M22ndUS Hist II3   Main CampusMTW10:00-12:40 PMMcGee, D
10206   HIS 255-11WAHis Chin Cult&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
10207   HIS 256-11WAJapan Cul&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
10208   HIS 281-11WAHistory of VA I3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
Hotel-Restaurant-Inst Mgmt
19616   HRI 190-11MACoord Intern HRI3   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Launi, D
Human Services
10209   HMS 190-11MACoord Intern HMS3   Main CampusPiercy, J
Industrial Engineering Tech
35132   IND 106-21M22ndIndt Engr Tech3   Main CampusMTWRF3:00-4:30 PMGomes, K
35134   IND 140-21M22ndQual Control2   Main CampusMTWRF11:30-12:35 PMTalbott, K
33793   IND 197-01MACoop Edu Work-based Learning3   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-10:00Talbott, K
Info Technology Essentials
14630   ITE 115-11MACmp Apps/Concepts3   Main CampusTR5:30-8:10 PMWood, S
14631   ITE 115-12WACmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusHoisington Tirrell, C
34986   ITE 115-14WDDynCmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusForrest, P
14632   ITE 115-21W11stCmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusForrest, P
14633   ITE 130-11WAIntro Internet Srv3   Virtual CampusHoisington Tirrell, C
14634   ITE 130-12WAIntro Internet Srv3   Virtual CampusHoisington Tirrell, C
14635   ITE 140-21W11stSpreadsheet Sftwre3   Virtual CampusForrest, P
14625   ITE 298-01FDDynEnhancing Clsroom Teaching3   BedfordMTWRF8:15-4:45 PMHartbarger, A
31395   ITE 298-02ADDynEnhancing Clsroom Teaching3   AltavistaMTWRF8:15-4:45 PMHartbarger, A
Info Technology Networking
35076   ITN 197-02MDDynCoop Educ - ITN4   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-9:00Talbott, K
23154   ITN 197-11MACoop Educ - ITN4   Main CampusMTWRF7:00-9:00Talbott, K
Legal Administration
33738   LGL 290-01MACor Intern Lgl3   Main CampusM12:01-12:03 PMMickles, M
34827   LGL 290-02MDDynCor Intern Lgl3   Main CampusF12:01-12:03 PMMickles, M
Machine Technology
10154   MAC 121-11MANumer Cont I3   Main CampusTR3:15-6:30 PMDillard, L
10155   MAC 121-12MANumer Cont I3   Main CampusMW5:30-8:45 PMDillard, L
10156   MAC 146-11MAMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusM5:00-10:00 PMCobb Jr., E
    M5:00-10:00 PMTucciarone, D
    M5:00-7:00 PMTucciarone, D
10157   MAC 146-12MAMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusT5:00-10:00 PMTucciarone, D
    T5:00-7:00 PMTucciarone, D
10158   MAC 146-13MAMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusR5:00-10:00 PMCobb Jr., E
27126   MAC 146-14MAMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusW5:00-10:00 PMTucciarone, D
    W5:00-7:00 PMTucciarone, D
31462   MAC 146-15MAMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusM8:00-1:00 PMCobb Jr., E
10159   MAC 241-11MAAdv Mach Pr I3   Main CampusTWR9:00-11:15Crouch Sr., H
10161   MAC 241-21M11stAdv Mach Pr I3   Main CampusTWR5:30-9:45 PMAdams III, D
10160   MAC 242-11MAAdv Mach Pr II3   Main CampusTWR12:30-2:45 PMCrouch Sr., H
10162   MAC 242-31M22ndAdv Mach Pr II3   Main CampusTWR5:30-9:45 PMAdams III, D
10047   MTH 120-11MAIntro Math3   Main CampusTR12:00-1:55 PMRetnam, P
10048   MTH 120-12MAIntro Math3   Main CampusTR5:30-7:25 PMCsaky, J
10097   MTH 120-13CAIntro Math3   Main CampusMW10:00-11:55Wallin, C
10098   MTH 120-2ACAIntro Math3   AltavistaMW10:00-11:55Wallin, C
10099   MTH 120-3FCAIntro Math3   BedfordMW10:00-11:55Wallin, C
10100   MTH 120-4TCAIntro Math3   AmherstMW10:00-11:55Wallin, C
10101   MTH 120-5XCAIntro Math3   AppomattoxMW10:00-11:55Wallin, C
10055   MTH 146-21M11stElem Statistic3   Main CampusMTR5:30-8:00 PMPenner, M
10135   MTH 151-06WAMth Lib Art I3   Virtual CampusAtkinson, J
10049   MTH 151-1MC11stMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10102   MTH 151-2AC11stMth Lib Art I3   AltavistaMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10105   MTH 151-5XC11stMth Lib Art I3   AppomattoxMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10106   MTH 152-1MC22ndMth Lib Art II3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10107   MTH 152-2AC22ndMth Lib Art II3   AltavistaMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10108   MTH 152-3FC22ndMth Lib Art II3   BedfordMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10109   MTH 152-4TC22ndMth Lib Art II3   AmherstMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10110   MTH 152-5XC22ndMth Lib Art II3   AppomattoxMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10050   MTH 163-11MAPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR5:30-7:25 PMAtkinson, J
10056   MTH 163-21M11stPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Penner, M
10057   MTH 164-31M22ndPrecalculus II3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Rumore, S
10051   MTH 166-11WAPrecal with Trig5   Virtual CampusWallin, C
10052   MTH 174-11MACal/Ana Geo II5   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:40Honeycutt, D
10058   MTH 271-31M22ndAppl Calc I3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Retnam, P
10054   MTH 277-11MAVector Calc4   Main CampusMTWR10:30-11:50Honeycutt, R
Mathematics - Developmental
10111   MTT 1-11MADev Math I1   Main CampusMW9:00-11:30Dewberry, Y
10112   MTT 1-12MADev Math I1   Main CampusTR9:00-11:30Pettyjohn, T
10113   MTT 1-13MADev Math I1   Main CampusMW12:00-2:30 PMFolger, K
10114   MTT 1-14MADev Math I1   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMHundt, T
10115   MTT 1-15FADev Math I1   BedfordTR1:00-3:30 PMHamlette-Franklin, M
10116   MTT 1-16TADev Math I1   AmherstTR2:30-5:00 PMAllen, A
35849   MTT 1-17WDDynDev Math I1   Virtual CampusWallin, C
10117   MTT 2-11MADev Math II2   Main CampusMW9:00-11:30Dewberry, Y
10118   MTT 2-12MADev Math II2   Main CampusTR9:00-11:30Pettyjohn, T
10119   MTT 2-13MADev Math II2   Main CampusMW12:00-2:30 PMFolger, K
10120   MTT 2-14MADev Math II2   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMHundt, T
10121   MTT 2-15FADev Math II2   BedfordTR1:00-3:30 PMHamlette-Franklin, M
10122   MTT 2-16TADev Math II2   AmherstTR2:30-5:00 PMAllen, A
10123   MTT 3-11MADev Math III3   Main CampusMW9:00-11:30Dewberry, Y
10124   MTT 3-12MADev Math III3   Main CampusTR9:00-11:30Pettyjohn, T
10125   MTT 3-13MADev Math III3   Main CampusMW12:00-2:30 PMFolger, K
10126   MTT 3-14MADev Math III3   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMHundt, T
10127   MTT 3-15FADev Math III3   BedfordTR1:00-3:30 PMHamlette-Franklin, M
10128   MTT 3-16TADev Math III3   AmherstTR2:30-5:00 PMAllen, A
10129   MTT 4-11MADev Math IV4   Main CampusMW9:00-11:30Dewberry, Y
10130   MTT 4-12MADev Math IV4   Main CampusTR9:00-11:30Pettyjohn, T
10131   MTT 4-13MADev Math IV4   Main CampusMW12:00-2:30 PMFolger, K
10132   MTT 4-14MADev Math IV4   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMHundt, T
10133   MTT 4-15FADev Math IV4   BedfordTR1:00-3:30 PMHamlette-Franklin, M
10134   MTT 4-16TADev Math IV4   AmherstTR2:30-5:00 PMAllen, A
10210   MUS 121-11WAMus Appr I3   Virtual CampusKobler, L
10211   MUS 121-21M11stMus Appr I3   Main CampusMTR4:00-6:40 PMHendricks, H
31882   MUS 125-01WAAmer Music3   Virtual CampusHendricks, H
34426   PHI 100-06CAIntro To Phil3   Main CampusTR10:10-12:40 PMShaw, K
10213   PHI 100-11WAIntro To Phil3   Virtual CampusScow, J
34427   PHI 100-7ACAIntro To Phil3   AltavistaTR10:10-12:40 PMShaw, K
10218   PHI 220-11WAEthics3   Virtual CampusScow, J
10219   PHT 101-11MAPhotography I3   Main CampusMW1:00-2:00 PMBlack, L
    MW2:00-4:10 PMBlack, L
Physical Education
30661   PED 107-21M11stExercise/Nutrition1   Main CampusMTW1:00-2:50 PMTempleton, P
30664   PED 108-31M22ndExercise/Nutrition II1   Main CampusMTW1:00-2:50 PMTempleton, P
30662   PED 111-21M11stWeight Training I1   Main CampusMTW3:00-4:50 PMTempleton, P
30665   PED 112-31M22ndWeight Training II1   Main CampusMTW3:00-4:50 PMTempleton, P
10144   PHY 201-21M11stGen Col Phy I4   Main CampusMTWR5:30-7:25 PMNeeley, G
   PHY 201-21MLGen Col Phy I   Main CampusMTWR7:30-9:25 PMLatimer, P
   PHY 201-22MLGen Col Phy I   Main CampusMTWRLatimer, P
10147   PHY 202-31M22ndGen Col Phy II4   Main CampusMTWR5:30-7:25 PMNeeley, G
   PHY 202-31MLGen Col Phy II   Main CampusMTWR7:30-9:25 PMLatimer, P
Political Science
24089   PLS 211-01M11stU S Govt I3   Main CampusMTW4:15-6:55 PMClem, A
24097   PLS 212-01M22ndU S Govt II3   Main CampusMTW4:15-6:55 PMClem, A
10220   PSY 120-11MAHuman Relation3   Main CampusMW5:30-7:25 PMPeniche, S
10221   PSY 200-11WAPrin Psych3   Virtual CampusPiercy, J
10224   PSY 200-14MAPrin Psych3   Main CampusTR1:00-2:55 PMJohnson, S
10225   PSY 200-21M11stPrin Psych3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Piercy, J
10227   PSY 215-11WAAbnormal Psych3   Virtual CampusLofaso, C
10228   PSY 230-11WADevelop Psyc3   Virtual CampusLofaso, C
10230   PSY 230-13WADevelop Psyc3   Virtual CampusEdley, C
10245   PSY 230-14FADevelop Psyc3   BedfordTR1:30-4:10 PMGoode III, W
10231   PSY 230-21M11stDevelop Psyc3   Main CampusMTWR10:15-12:10 PMPiercy, J
10136   RAD 190-11OACood Prac RAD4   Off CampusMWF8:00-4:00 PMWilhelm, N
    TR8:00-12:30 PMWilhelm, N
10137   RAD 205-11MARadi Prot/Bio3   Main CampusTR2:00-4:00 PMAnderson, S
10138   RAD 215-11MACorr Radio The2   Main CampusTR8:00-9:20Anderson, S
10139   RAD 290-11OACoor Prac RAD4   Off CampusMW7:30-4:00 PMAnderson, S
    F7:30-11:30Anderson, S
    TR10:00-4:00 PMAnderson, S
10232   REL 210-11WASur New Testam3   Virtual CampusBrady, J
10233   REL 210-12MASur New Testam3   Main CampusTR7:00-8:55 PMKozerow, K
Respiratory Therapy
10140   RTH 132-11MAResp Care II4   Main CampusMT9:00-10:55Ayers, W
    M11:30-2:00 PMAyers, W
    M11:30-2:00 PMHodges, L
10141   RTH 190-11OACoor Prac RTH2   Off CampusW6:45-3:15 PMAyers, W
    R6:45-11:15Hodges, L
10142   RTH 217-11MAPulmon Rehab2   Main CampusT11:30-2:00 PMHodges, L
RV/Motorcycle Maintenance
16198   RVH 195-01MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
16199   RVH 195-02MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusT9:00-12:30 PMShende, A
    W7:30-1:00 PMShende, A
    R7:30-1:00 PMShende, A
16200   RVH 195-03MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    F6:00-9:30 PMPaulson, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
16201   RVH 195-04MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusT9:00-12:30 PMHonaker, S
    W7:30-1:00 PMHonaker, S
    R7:30-1:00 PMHonaker, S
16212   RVH 195-05MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusT6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    W7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    R7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
17450   RVH 195-07MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
17453   RVH 195-08MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
35629   RVH 195-09MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusM9:00-12:30 PMHonaker, S
    T7:30-1:00 PMHonaker, S
    W7:30-1:00 PMHonaker, S
10234   SOC 200-05HAPrin of Soci3   Main CampusR6:00-7:55 PMShupe, A
10239   SOC 200-11WAPrin of Soci3   Virtual CampusSparhawk, T
10241   SOC 200-13WAPrin of Soci3   Virtual CampusSparhawk, T
10243   SOC 200-21M11stPrin of Soci3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Cundiff, M
10235   SOC 200-6AHAPrin of Soci3   AltavistaR6:00-7:55 PMShupe, A
10236   SOC 200-7FHAPrin of Soci3   BedfordR6:00-7:55 PMShupe, A
10237   SOC 200-8XHAPrin of Soci3   AppomattoxR6:00-7:55 PMShupe, A
10238   SOC 200-9THAPrin of Soci3   AmherstR6:00-7:55 PMShupe, A
10271   SOC 226-11WAHumn Sexuality3   Virtual CampusSparhawk, T
34405   SPA 101-23M11stBeg Spanish I4   Main CampusMTWRF9:00-12:00 PMChan, L
10248   SPA 102-31M22ndBeg Spanish II4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-11:40Chan, L
34353   SPA 201-22M11stInter Span I4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-9:00 PMChan, L
10251   SPA 202-32M22ndInter Span II4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-8:40 PMKillian, E
Student Development
10149   SDV 100-01W11stColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusPearson, A
10150   SDV 100-02M11stColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMFrench, K
10151   SDV 100-03W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusFrench, K
10163   SDV 100-05ADDynColl Success Skills1   AltavistaF9:00-1:30 PMIrby, M
35110   SDV 100-07W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusFrench, K
10009   WEL 120-01MDDynIntro To Weld3   Main CampusTR5:00-9:10 PMNewman, J
10010   WEL 120-02MDDynIntro To Weld3   Main CampusMW9:00-1:10 PMNewman, J
10011   WEL 145-01MDDynWeld Metallurg3   Main CampusMW5:00-8:30 PMSaloka, T
10012   WEL 145-02MDDynWeld Metallurg3   Main CampusTR1:00-4:30 PMNewman, J
33792   WEL 297-01MACoop Ed Weld3   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-8:00Talbott, K
* The current data is updated once daily (around 7:00 AM) and is provided here for reference purposes only.