First 5-Weeks - Summer 2013

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
14571   ACC 211-21W11stPrin Acct I4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
Air Condition & Refrigeration
10002   AIR 158-21M11stMech Code2   Main CampusR5:30-11:00 PMAlderman, M
10003   AIR 295-21M11stEPA Certification2   Main CampusT5:30-11:00 PMAlderman, M
10004   AIR 295-22M11stEPA Certification2   Main CampusW5:30-11:00 PMAlderman, M
10025   BIO 101-21M11stGen Biol I4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Ranson, T
10027   BIO 101-22M11stGen Biol I4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMPenrod, J
10029   BIO 141-21M11stAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55McLaughlin, D
10031   BIO 141-22M11stAnat/Physio I4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMEckes, D
10033   BIO 141-23F11stAnat/Physio I4   BedfordMTWR9:00-10:55Wright, C
Business Management & Admin
27234   BUS 221-21W11stBus Stats I3   Virtual CampusModen, R
10083   CHM 111-21M11stCollege Chm I4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
10085   CHM 111-22M11stCollege Chm I4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMBoylan, S
Communication Studies &Theater
10166   CST 100-21M11stPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTW4:00-6:40 PMTyler, R
10167   CST 100-22M11stPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTW7:00-9:40 PMTyler, R
10168   CST 100-23M11stPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTW1:00-3:40 PMTyler, R
10174   ENG 111-21M11stCol Compos I3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMMoodie, B
10175   ENG 111-22M11stCol Compos I3   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Latimer, M
10182   ENG 112-21M11stCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Jenkins, S
10189   ENG 241-21M11stSur Am Lit I3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMDorman, P
Health Services
14608   HLT 100-21M11stFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusMTW1:00-2:50 PMOsborne, M
10197   HIS 101-21M11stWest Civ I3   Main CampusMTW9:00-11:40Stowe, J
10203   HIS 121-21M11stUS Hist I3   Main CampusMTW10:00-12:40 PMMcGee, D
Info Technology Essentials
14632   ITE 115-21W11stCmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusForrest, P
14635   ITE 140-21W11stSpreadsheet Sftwre3   Virtual CampusForrest, P
Machine Technology
10161   MAC 241-21M11stAdv Mach Pr I3   Main CampusTWR5:30-9:45 PMAdams III, D
10055   MTH 146-21M11stElem Statistic3   Main CampusMTR5:30-8:00 PMPenner, M
10049   MTH 151-1MC11stMth Lib Art I3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10102   MTH 151-2AC11stMth Lib Art I3   AltavistaMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10105   MTH 151-5XC11stMth Lib Art I3   AppomattoxMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10056   MTH 163-21M11stPrecalculus I3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Penner, M
10211   MUS 121-21M11stMus Appr I3   Main CampusMTR4:00-6:40 PMHendricks, H
Physical Education
30661   PED 107-21M11stExercise/Nutrition1   Main CampusMTW1:00-2:50 PMTempleton, P
30662   PED 111-21M11stWeight Training I1   Main CampusMTW3:00-4:50 PMTempleton, P
10144   PHY 201-21M11stGen Col Phy I4   Main CampusMTWR5:30-7:25 PMNeeley, G
Political Science
24089   PLS 211-01M11stU S Govt I3   Main CampusMTW4:15-6:55 PMClem, A
10225   PSY 200-21M11stPrin Psych3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Piercy, J
10231   PSY 230-21M11stDevelop Psyc3   Main CampusMTWR10:15-12:10 PMPiercy, J
10243   SOC 200-21M11stPrin of Soci3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Cundiff, M
34405   SPA 101-23M11stBeg Spanish I4   Main CampusMTWRF9:00-12:00 PMChan, L
34353   SPA 201-22M11stInter Span I4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-9:00 PMChan, L
Student Development
10149   SDV 100-01W11stColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusPearson, A
10150   SDV 100-02M11stColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMFrench, K
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