Second 5-Weeks - Summer 2013

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
14572   ACC 212-31W22ndPrin Acct II4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
10035   BIO 102-31M22ndGen Biol II4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Cox, N
10037   BIO 102-32M22ndGen Biol II4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMPenrod, J
10039   BIO 142-31M22ndAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Hogan, J
10041   BIO 142-32M22ndAnat/Physio II4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMBradshaw, R
10043   BIO 142-33F22ndAnat/Physio II4   BedfordMTWR9:00-10:55Morrissey Jr., J
Business Management & Admin
14592   BUS 222-31W22ndBus Stats II3   Virtual CampusModen, R
20273   BUS 226-32M22ndComp Bus Appls3   Main CampusMWR8:30-12:00 PMLester, J
10087   CHM 112-31M22ndCollege Chm II4   Main CampusMTWR1:00-2:55 PMFigueroa Barbera, Y
10089   CHM 112-32M22ndCollege Chm II4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-7:55 PMAyala, N
Communication Studies &Theater
10169   CST 100-31M22ndPublic Speaking3   Main CampusMTWR11:00-12:55 PMBrown, J
35137   EGR 126-21M22ndCmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Main CampusMTWRF1:15-2:45 PMTalbott, K
10183   ENG 112-31M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMMoodie, B
10184   ENG 112-32M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTWR9:00-10:55Latimer, M
10185   ENG 112-33M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusMTWR11:00-12:55 PMLatimer, M
35029   ENG 211-01M22ndCreat Write I3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMLatimer, M
10191   ENG 242-31M22ndSur Am Lit II3   Main CampusMTR7:00-9:40 PMDorman, P
10192   ENG 242-32M22ndSur Am Lit II3   Main CampusMTWR10:15-12:10 PMPoff Jr., C
Health Services
14610   HLT 100-31M22ndFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusMTW5:30-6:55 PMHamlett, A
10200   HIS 102-31M22ndWest Civ II3   Main CampusMTW9:00-11:40Stowe, J
10205   HIS 122-31M22ndUS Hist II3   Main CampusMTW10:00-12:40 PMMcGee, D
Industrial Engineering Tech
35132   IND 106-21M22ndIndt Engr Tech3   Main CampusMTWRF3:00-4:30 PMGomes, K
35134   IND 140-21M22ndQual Control2   Main CampusMTWRF11:30-12:35 PMTalbott, K
Machine Technology
10162   MAC 242-31M22ndAdv Mach Pr II3   Main CampusTWR5:30-9:45 PMAdams III, D
10106   MTH 152-1MC22ndMth Lib Art II3   Main CampusMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10107   MTH 152-2AC22ndMth Lib Art II3   AltavistaMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10108   MTH 152-3FC22ndMth Lib Art II3   BedfordMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10109   MTH 152-4TC22ndMth Lib Art II3   AmherstMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10110   MTH 152-5XC22ndMth Lib Art II3   AppomattoxMTWR8:00-9:55Honeycutt, R
10057   MTH 164-31M22ndPrecalculus II3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Rumore, S
10058   MTH 271-31M22ndAppl Calc I3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-11:55Retnam, P
Physical Education
30664   PED 108-31M22ndExercise/Nutrition II1   Main CampusMTW1:00-2:50 PMTempleton, P
30665   PED 112-31M22ndWeight Training II1   Main CampusMTW3:00-4:50 PMTempleton, P
10147   PHY 202-31M22ndGen Col Phy II4   Main CampusMTWR5:30-7:25 PMNeeley, G
Political Science
24097   PLS 212-01M22ndU S Govt II3   Main CampusMTW4:15-6:55 PMClem, A
10248   SPA 102-31M22ndBeg Spanish II4   Main CampusMTWR9:00-11:40Chan, L
10251   SPA 202-32M22ndInter Span II4   Main CampusMTWR6:00-8:40 PMKillian, E
Student Development
10151   SDV 100-03W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusFrench, K
35110   SDV 100-07W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusFrench, K
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