Dynamic Classes - Fall 2013

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
Auto Body
71512   AUB 118-21QDDynAutomotive Paint Prep4   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMWitt, T
71511   AUB 119-20QDDynAutomotive Painting4   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Witt, T
71509   AUT 112-20QDDynAutomotive Engines II4   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Mathia, M
71587   BIO 101-30QDDynGen Biol I4   Off CampusMTR8:00-9:15Douglass, M
   BIO 101-30QLGen Biol I   Off CampusWF8:00-9:15Douglass, M
71591   BIO 101-31QDDynGen Biol I4   Off CampusMTR11:05-12:00 PMDouglass, M
   BIO 101-31QLGen Biol I   Off CampusWF11:05-1:00 PMDouglass, M
72516   BIO 102-60QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMWF12:50-2:22 PMJustice, M
   BIO 102-60QLGen Biol II   Off CampusTR12:50-2:22 PMJustice, M
68174   BIO 141-80QDDynAnat/Physio I4   Off CampusMWR9:20-10:10Beasley, S
   BIO 141-80QLAnat/Physio I   Main CampusT7:33-10:10Beasley, S
71507   BLD 149-20QDDynCarpentry I3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-3:00 PMThomas, D
71508   BLD 249-21QDDynCarpentry II3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Thomas, D
71574   DRF 201-12QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Mihalkovic, J
71575   DRF 201-13QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Koleszar, K
71576   DRF 201-15QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Revely, B
71654   DRF 201-28QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF12:00-12:55 PMSmith, R
71498   DRF 201-40QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:35-11:20Burton, J
79969   EDU 195-02MDDynInteractive Classroom3   AppomattoxW3:30-5:30 PMFisher, S
Electrical Technology
71517   ELE 113-21QDDynElectricity I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Payne, A
71515   ELE 114-20QDDynElectricity II3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Payne, A
71518   ELE 123-21QDDynElec Applic I1   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMPayne, A
71516   ELE 124-20QDDynElec Applic II1   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMPayne, A
Emergency Medical Services
47303   EMS 100-01MDDynCPR/Hlthcare1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMPurvis, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMGoodin, C
47963   EMS 161-01MDDynITLS1   Main CampusSU8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
51424   EMS 161-02MDDynITLS1   Main CampusSU8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
67761   EGR 115-01QDDynEngineering Graphics3   Main CampusM7:45-9:30Kennedy, M
    TWR7:45-8:35Kennedy, M
    TWR7:45-8:35Kennedy, M
67762   EGR 123-01QDDynIntro to Engineering Design2   Main CampusTWR8:40-9:30Kennedy, M
72274   EGR 126-60QDDynCmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Main CampusM6:30-7:30 PMGomes, K
69171   ENG 111-24QDDynCol Compos I3   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-10:05Williams, S
49285   ENG 111-28TACol Compos I3   AmherstTR8:00-9:15Koshy, L
49305   ENG 111-29XACol Compos I3   AppomattoxTR8:15-9:30Huffman, E
49433   ENG 111-30OACol Compos I3   AltavistaMWF9:45-10:35Green, C
75598   ENG 111-32QDDynCol Compos I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:26-11:26Bowling, W
75599   ENG 111-33QDDynCol Compos I3   Off CampusMTWRF11:21-12:31 PMBowling, W
49306   ENG 251-02TASur Wld Lit I3   AmherstTR9:30-10:45Hamner, P
49307   ENG 251-03XASur Wld Lit I3   AppomattoxTR10:00-11:15Huffman, E
49435   ENG 251-04OASur Wld Lit I3   AltavistaMW10:45-12:00 PMGreen, C
Geograph Info Systems
74997   GIS 200-28QDDynGeograph Info Sys I4   Off CampusMTWRF9:10-10:45Smith, R
Industrial Engineering Tech
73205   IND 195-01MDDynNuclear Power Generation I3   Main CampusMWF8:00-4:00 PMMartin, G
71603   IND 195-30QDDynNuclear Technology3   Off CampusMTWRF1:40-2:30 PMHansen, K
79474   IND 197-02MDDynCoop Edu Work-based Learning3   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-9:00Talbott, K
73207   IND 295-01MDDynNuclear Power Generation II3   Main CampusMWF8:00-4:00 PMMartin, G
79475   IND 297-02MDDynCOOP EDUC3   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-7:00Talbott, K
Info Technology Essentials
75528   ITE 293-2AHDDynDig Storytelling/Visual Tech3   AltavistaR7:00-9:40 PMHartbarger, A
Info Technology Networking
71519   ITN 107-10QDDynPC Hrdware & Troub4   Off CampusMTWRF12:40-2:10 PMCoates, J
71520   ITN 154-10QDDynNetwrkng Fund-Cisco4   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-10:15Coates, J
Machine Technology
75939   MAC 197-02MDDynCoop Educ Mac3   Main CampusMTWRF5:00-6:00Talbott, K
76281   MAC 199-01MDDynShop Management1   Main CampusMT1:00-2:00 PMDillard, L
67760   MTH 104-02QDDynAppl Tec Mth II3   Main CampusMWF9:35-10:25Shelton, E
72276   MTH 163-24QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-10:30Thomas, K
72277   MTH 163-25QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:30-12:00 PMThomas, K
74652   MTH 163-27WQPrecalculus I3   Virtual CampusWallin, C
71648   MTH 163-28WQPrecalculus I3   Virtual CampusWallin, C
71651   MTH 163-29WQPrecalculus I3   Virtual CampusHoneycutt, R
71599   MTH 163-30QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:20-10:10Berger, M
71495   MTH 163-40QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF7:45-8:45Ratliff, D
71496   MTH 163-41QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:30-11:20Ratliff, D
71610   MTH 163-70QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:00-11:00Berger, M
71630   MTH 163-90QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF8:55-9:45Eggl, W
71632   MTH 163-91QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:04-10:59Eggl, W
71634   MTH 163-92QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF11:19-12:12 PMEggl, W
71635   MTH 163-93QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF1:44-2:37 PMEggl, W
71636   MTH 163-94QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:35 PMEggl, W
71644   MTH 163-95QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF1:44-2:37 PMLee, N
71645   MTH 163-96QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:38 PMLee, N
49434   MUS 121-01OAMus Appr I3   AltavistaTR11:10-12:25 PMMills, R
Respiratory Therapy
48064   RTH 135-01M11stDia/The Pro I2   Main CampusTR9:30-10:20Ayers, W
   RTH 135-02MLDia/The Pro I   Main CampusR12:30-3:00 PMAyers, W
    R12:30-3:00 PMHodges, L
RV/Motorcycle Maintenance
67011   RVH 195-01MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMJohnson, D
    F6:00-9:30 PMReed, R
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMReed, R
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMReed, R
67017   RVH 195-02MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMGillie Jr., K
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
67018   RVH 195-03MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
67019   RVH 195-04MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMJohnson, D
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    F6:00-9:30 PMReed, R
    S7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMReed, R
    U7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMReed, R
67020   RVH 195-05MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMJohnson, D
    F6:00-9:30 PMPaulson, C
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
67021   RVH 195-06MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMGillie Jr., K
    F6:00-9:30 PMJohnson, D
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
    S7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
    U7:30-6:00 PMJohnson, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
67022   RVH 195-07MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49565   SOC 200-11FAPrin of Soci3   BedfordMWF9:30-10:20Shupe, A
Student Development
74827   SDV 96-01MAOn-site Training1   Main CampusW11:30-12:30 PMHeying, C
50295   SDV 100-12ADDynColl Success Skills1   AltavistaF9:00-1:10 PMIrby, M
50298   SDV 100-13ADDynColl Success Skills1   AltavistaS9:00-1:10 PMIrby, M
51296   SDV 100-20MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR11:00-1:00 PMMitchell, N
    TR12:00-12:50 PMMitchell, N
52011   SDV 100-23MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Fletcher, M
52128   SDV 100-25FDDynColl Success Skills1   BedfordF9:00-11:05Box, B
52144   SDV 100-26FDDynColl Success Skills1   BedfordW3:00-5:05 PMSchubert, P
52194   SDV 100-27MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS9:00-11:30Fletcher, M
52195   SDV 100-28MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS1:00-3:30 PMFletcher, M
70039   SDV 100-37MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS9:00-4:00 PMRush, S
71492   WEL 117-01QDDynOxyct Wel/Cutt3   Off CampusMTWRF9:35-11:20Johnston, L
75240   WEL 197-01MDDynCoop in Weld3   Main CampusMTWRF5:00-6:00Talbott, K
* The current data is updated once daily (around 7:00 AM) and is provided here for reference purposes only.