Dynamic Classes - Spring 2014

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
Air Condition & Refrigeration
71165   AIR 154-03ODDynHeating Sys I3   Off CampusMTWRF6:00-12:00 PMFisher Jr., C
Architectural Technology
66483   ARC 212-12QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Mihalkovic, J
66484   ARC 212-13QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Koleszar, K
66487   ARC 212-15QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Revely, B
68010   ART 153-03ISCeramics I3   Main CampusW5:30-9:50 PMModen, J
66495   BIO 102-30QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMWR8:00-9:15Douglass, M
   BIO 102-30QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWF8:00-9:15Douglass, M
66497   BIO 102-31QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMTR11:05-12:10 PMDouglass, M
   BIO 102-31QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWF11:05-12:20 PMDouglass, M
66479   BIO 142-80QDDynAnat/Physio II4   Off CampusMWR7:30-10:10Beasley, S
   BIO 142-80QLAnat/Physio II   Off CampusT7:33-10:10Beasley, S
30079   BIO 276-80QDDynFreshwater Ecology4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Lindeman, C
   BIO 276-80QLFreshwater Ecology   Main CampusT7:30-10:10Lindeman, C
Child Care
66295   CHD 165-50QDDynObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF1:40-3:05 PMMatthews, R
66298   CHD 165-70QDDynObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMRichendollar, D
66568   DRF 112-28QDDynTech Drft II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:00-12:55 PMSmith, R
57701   EDU 195-01XDDynInstr Tech Tools/Proj. Bse Lrn3   AppomattoxW5:30-9:30 PMRichardson, D
Emergency Medical Services
10099   EMS 100-01MDDynCPR/Hlthcare1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMPurvis, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMGoodin, C
39222   EMS 161-01MDDynITLS1   Main CampusSU8:00-5:00 PMFerguson, R
    SU8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
39223   EMS 165-01MDDynACLS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMKersey, J
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
39224   EMS 165-02MDDynACLS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
39229   EMS 165-03MDDynACLS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
39237   EMS 169-01MDDynPALS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMKersey, J
    S8:00-5:00 PMKersey, J
39238   EMS 169-02MDDynPALS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
39239   EMS 169-03MDDynPALS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
10729   EMS 215-01MDDynRegistry Review1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
10730   EMS 216-01MDDynParamedic Review1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMFerguson, R
    S8:00-5:00 PMFerguson, R
62851   ENG 111-20MDDynCol Compos I3   Main CampusMTWR10:00-12:00 PMHawkins, J
    MTWR10:00-12:00 PMHawkins, J
10597   ENG 112-21FDDynCol Compos II3   BedfordMWF10:30-11:20Dorman, P
65870   ENG 112-32QDDynCol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:26-11:26Bowling, W
65876   ENG 112-33QDDynCol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF11:21-12:21 PMBowling, W
65869   ENG 112-42QDDynCol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:55-2:55 PMKelley, C
68523   GOL 110-02ISEarth Science4   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-02WLEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
Health Services
62837   HLT 100-04MDDynFirst Aid/Cpr2   Main CampusMW8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    T8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    R8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    MTWR8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    MWR8:30-9:45Pearson, J
    T8:30-9:45Pearson, J
47244   HIS 122-17FDDynUS Hist II3   BedfordMWF9:30-10:20Jones, K
Industrial Engineering Tech
62004   IND 195-02HDDynIntro to Industrial Practices3   Main CampusR6:30-8:30 PMWalkup, B
67011   IND 197-01MDDynCoop Edu Work-based Learning3   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-7:00Talbott, K
68040   IND 297-01MDDynCOOP EDUC3   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-7:00Talbott, K
Info Technology Essentials
62822   ITE 115-12WDDynCmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusHoisington Tirrell, C
10167   ITE 293-1FHDDynDig Storytelling/Visual Tech3   BedfordW7:00-9:40 PMHartbarger, A
Info Technology Networking
66873   ITN 155-10QDDynIntro Routing - Cisco4   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-10:15Coates, J
Machine Technology
71402   MAC 162-02MDDynMach Shop II3   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-12:00 PMDillard, L
62823   MTH 103-02MDDynAppl Tec Mth I3   Main CampusMW5:30-7:30 PMCarpenter, C
    TR6:00-8:00 PMCarpenter, C
66540   MTH 164-25QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-10:30Thomas, K
66544   MTH 164-26QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:30-12:00 PMThomas, K
66571   MTH 164-27QWPrecalculus II3   Virtual CampusHoneycutt, R
66574   MTH 164-28QWPrecalculus II3   Virtual CampusHoneycutt, R
66458   MTH 164-40QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF7:45-8:35Ratliff, D
66460   MTH 164-41QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:30-11:20Ratliff, D
66510   MTH 164-90QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:55-9:48Eggl, W
66512   MTH 164-91QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:04-10:59Eggl, W
66518   MTH 164-92QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF11:19-12:12 PMEggl, W
66525   MTH 164-93QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:44-2:44 PMEggl, W
66532   MTH 164-94QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:35 PMEggl, W
66537   MTH 164-95QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:44-2:37 PMLee, N
66538   MTH 164-96QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:38 PMLee, N
66473   MTH 174-80QDDynCal/Ana Geo II4   Off CampusMWR7:30-8:20Howard, K
66475   MTH 174-81QDDynCal/Ana Geo II4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Howard, K
66476   MTH 174-82QDDynCal/Ana Geo II4   Off CampusMTWR8:25-9:15Jones, C
66500   MTH 271-30QDDynAppl Calc I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:20-10:20Berger, M
66504   MTH 271-70QDDynAppl Calc I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:35-11:25Berger, M
66478   MTH 277-80QDDynVector Calc4   Off CampusMWR10:15-11:05Jones, C
10622   MUS 121-01FDDynMus Appr I3   BedfordTR9:25-10:40Hoard, A
Political Science
22716   PLS 212-06FDDynU S Govt II3   BedfordMWF11:30-12:20 PMTuite III, J
62860   PSY 120-04WDDynHuman Relation3   Virtual CampusEdley, C
64963   PSY 220-01QDDynIntro to Behavior Modification3   Off CampusMWF1:10-2:20 PMJustice, M
44487   PSY 230-10XADevelop Psyc3   AppomattoxMW11:45-1:00 PMBrady, J
RV/Motorcycle Maintenance
65275   RVH 195-02MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
65277   RVH 195-03MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPaulson, C
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
65278   RVH 195-04MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMHonaker, S
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMHonaker, S
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMHonaker, S
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
70483   RVH 195-05MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
62832   SAF 126-02MDDynPri Ind Safety3   Main CampusMWF12:00-6:00 PMCalvert, J
44453   SOC 200-10XAPrin of Soci3   AppomattoxTR8:15-9:30Shupe, A
44431   SPA 102-04FDDynBeg Spanish II4   BedfordMWF11:30-12:45 PMPinto-Torres, F
67935   SPA 295-02ISInter Conversational Span1   Main CampusT12:00-1:00 PMChan, L
Student Development
10053   SDV 100-09ADDynColl Success Skills1   AltavistaF9:00-1:10 PMIrby, M
10748   SDV 100-13FHColl Success Skills1   BedfordF9:00-11:05Schubert, P
10751   SDV 100-16MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMW1:00-2:15 PMFletcher, M
10752   SDV 100-17MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Fletcher, M
59786   SDV 100-19MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS9:00-11:30Fletcher, M
59788   SDV 100-20MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS1:00-3:30 PMFletcher, M
66454   WEL 120-40QDDynIntro To Weld3   Off CampusMTWRF9:35-11:20Johnston, L
* The current data is updated once daily (around 7:00 AM) and is provided here for reference purposes only.