Web-Based Classes - Spring 2014

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
10030   ACC 211-03WAPrin Acct I4   Virtual CampusDailey, J
10034   ACC 212-04WAPrin Acct II4   Virtual CampusDailey, J
10035   ACC 212-05WAPrin Acct II4   Virtual CampusMallory, L
10037   ACC 241-01WAAuditing I3   Virtual CampusDailey, J
Administrative Support Tech
10112   AST 101-02WAKeyboarding I3   Virtual CampusJones, M
10116   AST 253-01WAAdv Desktop I3   Virtual CampusLester, J
10450   ART 102-03WAHis/Apr Art II3   Virtual CampusPeters, L
10459   ART 180-02WAIntro Comp Gra3   Virtual CampusHobbs, D
10249   BIO 101-02WAGen Biol I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 101-02WLGen Biol I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10286   BIO 102-13WAGen Biol II4   Virtual CampusOkimoto, R
   BIO 102-13WLGen Biol II   Virtual CampusOkimoto, R
10294   BIO 141-04WAAnat/Physio I4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 141-04WLAnat/Physio I   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
10308   BIO 142-07WAAnat/Physio II4   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
   BIO 142-07WLAnat/Physio II   Virtual CampusDario-Becker, J
Business Management & Admin
10124   BUS 100-04WAIntro Business3   Virtual CampusMorrison Jr., P
10125   BUS 111-01WAPrin Super I3   Virtual CampusMorrison Jr., P
10127   BUS 121-02WABus Math I3   Virtual CampusMitchell, V
47910   BUS 156-01WAInt Oper Mgt3   Virtual CampusCarter, L
10130   BUS 200-03WAPrinciples Mgt3   Virtual CampusCarter, L
28175   BUS 214-01WACompensation Management3   Virtual CampusGilbert, H
28176   BUS 217-01WAEmployee Training & Develop3   Virtual CampusGilbert, H
10134   BUS 222-01WABus Stats II3   Virtual CampusModen, R
10347   BUS 226-09WAComp Bus Appls3   Virtual CampusLester, J
10348   BUS 226-10WAComp Bus Appls3   Virtual CampusJones, M
Communication Studies &Theater
10557   CST 110-03WAInt Spch Comm3   Virtual CampusAlatorre, P
10144   ECO 120-04WASurvey Econ3   Virtual CampusModen, R
10146   ECO 201-02WAPrin Eco Macro3   Virtual CampusWade, E
10149   ECO 202-04WAPrin Eco Micro3   Virtual CampusModen, R
10564   EDU 280-01WATech Stand for Teachers3   Virtual CampusMartin, S
44296   EGR 120-02WAIntro to Engineering1   Virtual CampusShort, K
44302   EGR 126-02WACmpt Prgm/Egrs3   Virtual CampusShort, K
51461   ENG 111-16WACol Compos I3   Virtual CampusDorman, P
10582   ENG 112-11WACol Compos II3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
10603   ENG 121-01WAIntr Jrnl I3   Virtual CampusVines, J
10604   ENG 131-01WATech Rpt Wr I3   Virtual CampusDorman, P
10605   ENG 241-01WASur Am Lit I3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
10610   ENG 242-01WASur Am Lit II3   Virtual CampusRandolph, G
10631   GEO 210-01WAPeople & Land3   Virtual CampusCakir, J
62015   GOL 110-01WAEarth Science4   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-01WLEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-02WLEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
Health Services
10155   HLT 110-02WAPer/Com Health3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
10157   HLT 116-02WAPerson Welness2   Virtual CampusHermosa, H
10158   HLT 121-01WADrug Use/Abuse3   Virtual CampusPearson, J
10163   HLT 141-04WAIntr Med Term2   Virtual CampusHermosa, H
10225   HLT 230-04WAPrin Nutrition/Hum Dev3   Virtual CampusDewitt, M
43386   HIS 101-02WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
10635   HIS 101-03WAWest Civ I3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
10646   HIS 102-08WAWest Civ II3   Virtual CampusCheagle, R
10664   HIS 121-02WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusPoteat, R
10665   HIS 121-03WAUS Hist I3   Virtual CampusPoteat, R
43033   HIS 122-11WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
43035   HIS 122-12WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
55662   HIS 122-19WAUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusConnolly, M
10675   HIS 255-01WAHis Chin Cult&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
10676   HIS 256-01WAJapan Cul&Ins3   Virtual CampusMonroe, T
Industrial Engineering Tech
10741   IND 165-01WAPrin Ind Tec I4   Virtual CampusMohr, T
Info Tech Design and Database
10698   ITD 110-02WAWeb Page Dsgn I3   Virtual CampusBell, J
Info Technology Essentials
10708   ITE 115-08WACmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusForrest, P
10709   ITE 115-09WACmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusHoisington Tirrell, C
62822   ITE 115-12WDDynCmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusHoisington Tirrell, C
10168   ITE 198-01WAUsing iPads&Apps in Classroom3   Virtual CampusHartbarger, A
10377   MKT 100-01WAPrin Marketing3   Virtual CampusWheeler, I
48300   MKT 275-01WAInternational MKT3   Virtual CampusWindsor, D
Math Essentials
Call Counseling at (434) 832-7800 for information on these courses.
10071   MTH 152-02WAMth Lib Art II3   Virtual CampusAtkinson, J
10624   MUS 121-02WAMus Appr I3   Virtual CampusKobler, L
Natural Science
10011   NAS 131-01WAAstronomy I4   Virtual CampusRapp, C
   NAS 131-01WLAstronomy I   Virtual CampusRapp, C
10013   NAS 132-01WAAstronomy II4   Virtual CampusRapp, C
   NAS 132-01WLAstronomy II   Virtual CampusRapp, C
10630   PHI 100-01WAIntro To Phil3   Virtual CampusScow, J
44398   PHI 111-02WALogic I3   Virtual CampusScow, J
10680   PSY 120-02WAHuman Relation3   Virtual CampusEdley, C
62860   PSY 120-04WDDynHuman Relation3   Virtual CampusEdley, C
10686   PSY 200-05WAPrin Psych3   Virtual CampusPiercy, J
10688   PSY 215-01WAAbnormal Psych3   Virtual CampusPiercy, J
53905   PSY 230-11WADevelop Psyc3   Virtual CampusLofaso, C
10566   REL 200-02WASur Old Testam3   Virtual CampusBrady, J
10575   SOC 200-06WAPrin of Soci3   Virtual CampusHeim, M
Student Development
10045   SDV 100-01W11stColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusFrench, K
10046   SDV 100-02W11stColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusPearson, A
10050   SDV 100-06W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusPearson, A
10065   SDV 100-12W11stColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusSmith, B
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