Dynamic Classes - Fall 2014

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
70956   ART 100-E70WArt Appreciation3   Virtual CampusVeil, A
71901   ART 101-E80AHis/Apr Art I3   Virtual CampusDecker, S
67962   AUT 111-21QDDynAutomotive Engines I4   Main CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMMathia, M
67961   AUT 112-20QDDynAutomotive Engines II4   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Mathia, M
67035   BIO 101-60QDDynGen Biol I4   Off CampusMWF9:46-10:31Justice, T
   BIO 101-60QLGen Biol I   Off CampusTR9:46-10:31Justice, T
69107   BIO 101-70QDDynGen Biol I4   Off CampusMTR7:35-8:31Edwards, K
   BIO 101-70QLGen Biol I   Off CampusWF7:00-8:31Edwards, K
69773   BIO 101-E51LGen Biol I4   Virtual CampusCarter, S
   BIO 101-ET2LGen Biol I   Virtual CampusCarter, S
53315   BIO 141-80QDDynAnat/Physio I4   Off CampusMWR9:20-10:10Douglass, M
   BIO 141-80QLAnat/Physio I   Off CampusT7:33-10:10Douglass, M
63014   BIO 141-81QDDynAnat/Physio I4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Douglass, M
   BIO 141-81QLAnat/Physio I   Off CampusT7:33-10:10Douglass, M
70605   BIO 141-E71NAnat/Physio I4   Virtual CampusSaab, O
   BIO 141-EU2NAnat/Physio I   Virtual CampusSaab, O
67956   BLD 149-20QDDynCarpentry I3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-3:00 PMThomas, D
67806   BLD 149-70QDDynCarpentry I3   Off CampusMTWRF12:44-1:34 PMDudley, J
67958   BLD 249-21QDDynCarpentry II3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Thomas, D
Business Management & Admin
70967   BUS 100-E71LIntro Business3   Virtual CampusJenkins, K
72903   BUS 195-01ODDynTrain the Trainer3   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-5:00 PMGarlow, K
53580   CHM 101-01QDDynGen Chem I4   Main CampusMW9:30-11:15Figueroa Barbera, Y
   CHM 101-01QLGen Chem I   Main CampusF9:00-11:30Figueroa Barbera, Y
67993   DRF 201-13QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Koleszar, K
67996   DRF 201-15QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Revely, B
63444   DRF 201-40QDDynCAD & Dsng I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:35-11:20Burton, J
69797   ECO 202-E55NMicroeconomics3   Virtual CampusEarley, R
Electrical Technology
67970   ELE 113-21QDDynElectricity I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Payne, A
67971   ELE 123-21QDDynElec Applic I1   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMPayne, A
Emergency Medical Services
46407   EMS 100-01MDDynCPR/Hlthcare1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMPurvis, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMGoodin, C
72414   EMS 120-04ODDynEMT/Basic Clinical1   Off CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Ferguson, R
    MTWRF0:01-0:02Smith, L
54880   EMS 161-01MDDynITLS1   Main CampusSU8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
54881   EMS 161-02MDDynITLS1   Main CampusSU8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
53747   EGR 115-01QDDynEngineering Graphics2   Main CampusT7:45-11:15Brown, M
53748   EGR 123-01QDDynIntro to Engineering Design2   Main CampusR7:45-9:30Brown, M
11612   ENG 111-29FDDynCol Compos I3   BedfordMWF9:25-10:15Barbour, K
50028   ENG 111-30FDDynCol Compos I3   BedfordMWF10:45-11:35Barbour, K
57138   ENG 111-37QACol Compos I3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Neffinger, R
57139   ENG 111-38QACol Compos I3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Brophy, J
57140   ENG 111-39QACol Compos I3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Brophy, J
11630   ENG 251-07FDDynSur Wld Lit I3   BedfordMWF11:45-12:35 PMBarbour, K
54714   GOL 110-01WAEarth Science4   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-01WLEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
   GOL 110-02ILEarth Science   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
71305   GOL 110-02ISEarth Science4   Virtual CampusTinsley, M
Health Services
70571   HLT 141-E70HIntr Med Term1   Virtual CampusVera, A
70890   HLT 141-E71HIntr Med Term1   Virtual CampusFreeman, D
69759   HIS 101-E57LWest Civ I3   Virtual Campus0:00-0:00Loewenberg, S
71909   HIS 102-E80LWest Civ II3   Virtual Campus0:00-0:00Blois Jr., B
12023   HIS 121-20FDDynUS Hist I3   BedfordTR9:25-10:40Cheek-Messier, A
50031   HIS 121-21FDDynUS Hist I3   BedfordTR11:00-12:15 PMFoster, R
Hotel-Restaurant-Inst Mgmt
67754   HRI 158-30QDDynSanitation & Safety3   Off CampusMTWRF12:44-1:34 PMStephens, J
Industrial Engineering Tech
73943   IND 103-01MDDynIndust Methods1   Main CampusTRF1:00-5:30 PMTalbott, K
73688   IND 195-02ODDynBlueprint Reading & MfgTech1   Off CampusW8:00-4:00 PMKlaser, H
67793   IND 195-30QDDynNuclear Technology3   Off CampusMTWRF1:39-2:30 PMHansen, K
63385   IND 250-01QDDynBas Comp Manuf3   Main CampusMWF7:45-10:00Klaser, H
    MWF7:45-10:00Varga, J
Info Tech Design and Database
67152   ITD 210-E05NWeb Page Dsgn II3   Virtual CampusMccullough, L
Info Technology Essentials
48567   ITE 115-16FDDynCmp Apps/Concepts3   BedfordTR9:25-10:40Hoisington Tirrell, C
48569   ITE 115-17FDDynCmp Apps/Concepts3   BedfordTR11:00-12:15 PMHoisington Tirrell, C
54616   ITE 115-18ODDynCmp Apps/Concepts3   Campbell CoMWF8:45-9:35Forrest, P
71734   ITE 115-E84ACmp Apps/Concepts3   Virtual CampusChamlou, A
62488   ITE 293-1FHDDynDig Storytelling/Visual Tech3   BedfordW7:00-9:40 PMHartbarger, A
Info Technology Networking
67989   ITN 107-10QDDynPC Hrdware & Troub4   Off CampusMTWRF12:40-2:10 PMCoates, J
67991   ITN 154-10QDDynNetwrkng Fund-Cisco4   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-10:15Coates, J
Info Technology Programming
68787   ITP 120-E05WJava Program I4   Virtual CampusMayes, C
Machine Technology
53350   MAC 197-02MDDynCoop Educ Mac3   Main CampusMTWRF5:00-6:00Talbott, K
70105   MAC 197-03MDDynCoop Educ Mac3   Main CampusMTWRFTalbott, K
73181   MAC 197-04MDDynCoop Educ Mac2   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-7:00Talbott, K
63389   MTH 115-01QDDynTech Math I3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Shelton, E
53405   MTH 158-01QDDynCollege Algebra3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Shelton, E
    MW9:00-9:30Shelton, E
52756   MTH 163-40QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF8:40-9:30Ratliff, D
52759   MTH 163-41QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF11:25-12:25 PMRatliff, D
63443   MTH 163-42QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF1:55-2:45 PMRatliff, D
52765   MTH 163-70QDDynPrecalculus I3   Off CampusMTWRF8:36-9:26Berger, M
66769   MTH 163-E06NPrecalculus I3   Virtual CampusRomanova, P
63011   MTH 166-80QDDynPrecal with Trig4   Off CampusMTWR8:25-9:15Jones, C
63012   MTH 166-81QDDynPrecal with Trig4   Off CampusMTWR9:20-10:10Jones, C
54921   MTH 173-04FACal/Ana Geo I5   BedfordMWF11:45-12:35 PMThomas, K
52735   MTH 173-80QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMTWR7:30-8:20Shifflett, M
52738   MTH 173-81QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMTWR8:25-9:15Shifflett, M
52741   MTH 173-82QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMWR9:20-10:10Shifflett, M
63002   MTH 173-83QDDynCal/Ana Geo I4   Off CampusMWR10:15-11:05Shifflett, M
63390   PHY 121-01QDDynPrinciples of Physics I4   Main CampusT8:00-10:30Altmayer, K
   PHY 121-01QLPrinciples of Physics I   Main CampusR8:00-10:30Altmayer, K
Political Science
55640   PLS 211-10QAU S Govt I3   Main CampusMWF8:00-8:50Bailey, K
55643   PLS 211-11QAU S Govt I3   Main CampusMWF9:00-9:50Bailey, K
55645   PLS 211-12QAU S Govt I3   Main CampusMWF10:00-10:50Bailey, K
71910   PLS 211-E80NU S Govt I3   Virtual Campus0:00-0:00Jones, B
Respiratory Therapy
47369   RTH 135-01M22ndDia/The Pro I2   Main CampusTR9:30-10:20Ayers, W
   RTH 135-02MLDia/The Pro I   Main CampusR12:30-3:00 PMAyers, W
    R12:30-3:00 PMHodges, L
RV/Motorcycle Maintenance
49776   RVH 195-01MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMGillie Jr., K
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
49786   RVH 195-02MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPaulson, C
    F6:00-9:30 PMShende, A
    S7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMShende, A
    U7:30-6:00 PMPaulson, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMShende, A
49802   RVH 195-03MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMGillie Jr., K
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMGillie Jr., K
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49807   RVH 195-04MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49812   RVH 195-05MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49818   RVH 195-06MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49822   RVH 195-07MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49827   RVH 195-08MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49830   RVH 195-09MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
49975   RVH 195-10MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusT9:00-12:30 PMPhillips, D
    T9:00-12:30 PMShende, A
    W7:30-1:00 PMPhillips, D
    W7:30-1:00 PMShende, A
    R7:30-1:00 PMPhillips, D
    R7:30-1:00 PMShende, A
12143   SOC 200-07FAPrin of Soci3   BedfordTR9:25-10:40Shupe, A
11832   SPA 101-04FABeg Spanish I4   BedfordMWF11:25-12:40 PMPinto-Torres, F
50088   SPA 101-05FABeg Spanish I4   BedfordMWF9:25-10:40Pinto-Torres, F
Student Development
53153   SDV 100-04MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Fletcher, M
53378   SDV 100-09MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS9:00-11:30Fletcher, M
53379   SDV 100-10MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS1:00-3:30 PMFletcher, M
53449   SDV 100-14HDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusW1:00-2:50 PMMuniz, E
53779   SDV 100-16ADDynColl Success Skills1   AltavistaM5:30-8:00 PMIrby, M
54220   SDV 100-24FDDynColl Success Skills1   BedfordW3:00-4:30 PMBox, B
54225   SDV 100-25MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR9:30-10:45Fletcher, M
62463   SDV 100-29QAColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMT8:00-11:30French, K
    M11:00-11:30Mitchell, N
62464   SDV 100-30QAColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMT8:00-11:30French, K
    W11:00-11:30Mitchell, N
62465   SDV 100-31QAColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMT8:00-11:30French, K
    F11:00-11:30Mitchell, N
63799   SDV 100-34QDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusR9:30-11:00Cash, S
65100   SDV 100-35MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusMW11:00-11:50Putz, R
67443   SDV 100-36MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS9:00-11:30Fletcher, M
53370   WEL 117-40QDDynOxyct Wel/Cutt3   Off CampusMTWRF7:45-9:30Johnston, L
* The current data is updated once daily (around 7:00 AM) and is provided here for reference purposes only.