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CVCC Hosts History Day


The District One Virginia History Day program was held on the Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) main campus on March 29, 2014.  Approximately 300 students, parents, teachers and volunteers participated in this popular event.  The program is an annual history project competition for students in grades six through twelve.  It is conducted at district and state levels in conjunction with the National History Day program (www.nhd.org). Students in grades six through eight (6-8) are assigned to the junior division, students in grades nine through twelve (9‑12) are assigned to the senior division.  In each division, students may compete in any one of eight categories.


The two best entries in each category and age division qualify for the State contest, which will be held on April 20, 2014 in Williamsburg.


CVCC is proud to host this annual event and would like to thank all of the parents, teachers, students and volunteers who help make this event so successful each year.


CVCC/NHD District 1 Winners – March 29, 2014


Junior Division

1.      Paul Skorez, Linkhorne Middle School – “Voting Rights and Wrongs: A History of Felony Disenfranchisement”

2.      Emily Raine, Linkhorne Middle School – “The I.D.E.A. (Individuals and Disabilities Education Act)”

3.      Hayden Swisher, Linkhorne Middle School – “The Unused Right – Do Americans Take Responsibility for Their Right to Vote?”

Senior Division

1.      Jennifer Roach, Heritage High School – “Seasons without Sunshine: The Rights and Responsibilities of Women and Children during the American Industrial Revolution”

2.      Russell Reynolds, Heritage High School – “Commission Impossible: The Responsibility for the Truth about the Death of a President”


Individual Exhibits

Junior Division

1.      Julianna Sigler, Dunbar Middle School – “Elizabeth VanLew”

2.      Will Johnston, Linkhorne Middle School – “Great Railroad Strike of 1877”

3.      Kennon Cook, Linkhorne Middle School – “John Ross”


Senior Division

1.      Sara Cole, Heritage High School – “Red Summer: What Started It All”

2.      Rebekah Chun, Heritage High School – “American Paradox: Democratic Rights and Imperialist and Responsibilities”

3.      Lizzie Tugman, E.C. Glass High School – “The Ancient Woman: She Can’t Have It All”


Group Exhibits

Junior Division

1.      Luke Sarantos and Ethan Snyder, Linkhorne Middle School – “Upton Sinclair and the Wrongs of the Meat-Packing Industry”

2.      Sophie Minnick and Hannah Schindler, Linkhorne Middle School – “Miranda V. Arizona: Preventing Self Incrimination”

3.      Ethan Fisher and Bryson Gerhart, Linkhorne Middle School – “Are You Aryan?”


Senior Division

1.      Mansi Shah and Kameron Tweedy, Heritage High School – “India-pendence – Gandhi’s Wheel to Freedom”

2.      Michael Charlton, Rhyan-D Cooper, Ian Oliver and Eric Wiger, E.C. Glass High School – “The Japanese Internment”

3.      TIE – Regan Kinder and Walker Sydney, E.C. Glass High School – “The Renaissance Warrior”

TIE – Milchail Guenther and Jacob Shelden, E.C. Glass High School – “Rights and Responsibilities: Alexander the Great as Absolute Rules”


Individual Performances

Junior Division

1.      Katrina Markhum, Bedford Home School – “Radium Girls – Time for Rights”

2.      Hannah Steele, Bedford Middle School – “The Challenger Disaster: Meeting Responsibilities but Ignoring the Rights”

3.      Claire Harvey, Dunbar Middle School – “Changing Times: The Many Faces of Mary Todd Lincoln”


Senior Division

1.      Katie Morse, E.C. Glass High School – “Olympe de Gouges: Declaration of Rights of Women and Citizen”

2.      Rhiannon Cire, Liberty High School – “Athens: Rights and Responsibilities”





Group Performances

Junior Division

1.      Carly Field and Thomas Messier, Bedford Middle School – “John Locke’s Ideas for Freedom and the American Revolution – The Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”


Individual Documentaries

Junior Division

1.      Eleanor Matthews, Dunbar Middle School – “Eleanor Roosevelt: Changing the Responsibilities of the First Lady”

2.      Sarah Bradley, Bedford Middle School – “Indian Boarding Schools: Rights and Responsibilities

3.      Armelle D’Uston, Dunbar Middle School – “The Lewis and Clark Expedition”


Senior Division

1.      Lauren Brown, E.C. Glass High School – “Painting a Picture of High Renaissance Art and Artists”


Group Documentaries

Junior Division

1.      Nick Gada and Jack Leatherwood, Linkhorne Middle School – “Rights and Responsibilities: Conscientious Objectors in the Vietnam War”

2.      Brett Bowman and Ian McGuire, Forest Middle School – “Lewis Hine and Child Labor”


Senior Division

1.      Carson Ferguson and Sabina Sabat, E.C. Glass High School – “The Rights and Responsibilities of Ancient Roman Citizens”

2.      Aaron Burstein, John Jaminet and Tristan Polk, Heritage High School – “Feudalism: Preventing the Collapse of European Civilization”

3.      Stanley Chen and Vipul Choan, Heritage High School – “Brown V. Board of Education”


Individual Websites

Junior Division

1.      Piper Moore, Bedford Middle School – “The Rights of Students with Disabilities in Education”

2.      Isiah Craig, Bedford Middle School – “The Geneva Conventions: Rights and Responsibilities”

3.      Brendan Singy, Linkhorne Middle School – “The Athenian Democracy”



Senior Division

1.      Brianna Key, Liberty High School – “A Country’s Duty: Irish Neglect”


Group Websites

Junior Division

1.      Jillian Jones and Nettie Webb, Linkhorne Middle School – “Eisenhower and Integration of Central High: Civil Rights and Federal Responsibilities”

2.      Landon Cheek and Faith Ringressy, Bedford Middle School – “Baby Bollinger: Who Has the Right?”

3.      Taylor Cheatwood, Jacob Lofaso and Madline Vickers, Forest Middle School – “The Removal of Native American Rights”


Senior Division

1.      Judith Nunley and Matthew Nunley, Heritage High School – “Rights and Responsibilities of Young Adults During the Vietnam War Era”

2.      Sierra Foster, Prabdeep Mathone and Ravdeep Mathone, Heritage High School – “President Lincoln: To Perverse or to Protect”

3.      Destiny Dagenhart, Shelby Lutz, Christopher Perdich and Robbi Rodemann, Altavista Combined and Brookville High – “Totally Togafied: Changing Ideas of Citizenship in Ancient Rome”


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