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Helpful Hints for Transferring

The following hints are intended to help students as they make their way through their education at CCAC with the intention of transferring. Students may also make an appointment with a counselor to discuss specific issues and concerns.
  • Transferring can be a complicated process. Seek the advice of a counselor.
  • Every four-year college differs. Some courses or credits may transfer to one college but not to another. The more schools you are considering, the more difficult it becomes to choose courses each semester that will transfer in the same way to all of them. Making your decision early will allow you to make sure you take the right courses for that school.
  • You should do as much research as possible on the college you want to attend, and on the major you will be pursuing. It is a good idea to network with others in your field of interest and conduct informational interviews, or "shadow" individuals in those fields if possible. Review the four-year college's catalog and visit their website for more information. Does the college offer the academic programs you want? Can you afford to attend?
  • Earning an associate's degree does not always guarantee you junior status at a four-year institution. If there is no transfer articulation agreement between the school you are transferring to and CVCC or the VCCS, it may take you longer than two more years to complete your bachelor's degree.
  • If you change your major or decide on a different school to transfer to, you may find that they will not apply or accept your credits the same way.
  • Be aware of the academic difficulty of the major that interests you. Being a crime scene investigator or a surgical assistant may look like an interesting job on TV, but they don't show the course loads in math and science you might have to take.
  • Always have a plan B. You need to be prepared to consider other options if you are not admitted to the college you have selected or if you cannot get into the major you want to pursue.


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