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Steps to a Smooth Transfer Experience

Step 1. Make sure you are in a curriculum that transfers.

  • If you did not indicate on your initial application for admission that you had an academic goal, you will be entered as a non-curricular student. Go to the CVCC Counseling Center and request a curriculum change.
  • Choose a major that matches your future degree program at a four-year school. If you are undecided, or CVCC does not have a degree with the same name start with General Studies. You can always change it later.
  • Applied science degrees and certificates are not specifically designed to transfer. If you enroll in an AAS degree program you may miss core curriculum requirements and have to take additional courses at the baccalaureate institution. Consult a counselor to see what kind of program would best fit your needs.

Step 2. Select your transfer school early in your program, preferably by the end of your first year.
  • Every four-year college is different. There may be differences between what general education courses each school wants.
  • The more schools you consider, the harder it is to choose courses that transfer in the same way to all of them. Making your decision early allows you to make sure you take the right courses for that school.

Step 3. Talk to Counselors, both at CVCC and the transfer institution.

  • Academic advisors at both institutions can help you decide whether to get an associate's degree or simply work on your core curriculum requirements.
  • Do as much research as possible on the college you want to attend and on the major you will be pursuing. Talk to people already in your field to get a "real life" perspective on the career of your choice.
  • Check out the links to other schools on the Transfer Links to Virginia Schools page to become familiar with the procedures and deadlines for transferring to another school. Each college may have different procedures and different deadlines.

Step 4. Be familiar with the General Education Requirements at the four year schools.
  • VCCS courses transfer to most of the public institutions and many private institutions. Check you college choice for an online transfer guide. Also see if they can provide you with a guide according to your major. If you need help come to the CVCC Counseling Center. Remember, developmental coursework does not transfer. If you change your major, or change your school, you may need additional general education credits.

Step 5. Contact the financial aid office at the transfer institution the semester before you transfer.

  • If you plan to any type of aid at the transfer institution, it is wise to check out their procedures before you get there. The CVCC financial aid office can be a valuable source of information about what happens at four-year institutions, but it is still important for you to follow-up with the transfer school.


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