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Accommodation Process

Many students served by CVCC Disability Support Services have received special services from their local school districts. Others have had their disability diagnosed as adults. Some are referred to the Counseling Center because of suspected disability and require information regarding testing.

Step One:

Students and prospective students who seek help from DSS must meet with a counselor to discuss their disability and the accommodation process. This meeting should occur no less than 6 weeks before the desired term of enrollment since some accommodations may take time to get into place.

Step Two:

At the initial meeting, students should receive a documentation form to take to their health care provider or narrative instructions for a psychological report.

The documentation of disability will vary according to the type of disability. Each student will be given a "Disability Verification Form" along with a letter for the professional who will be filling out the form and verifying the disability. Different verification forms are given for different types of disabilities since the information needed is often different.

Documentation of a learning disability requires (as a minimum) the submission to CVCC DDS of the results for a complete adult intelligence and achievement test administered by a qualified psychological examiner along with other components. If you do not have documentation based on current testing, you will need to be re-assessed on adult measurements. CVCC does not provide nor pay for testing services for disability, but will attempt to assist the student locate such services if necessary.

A statement of diagnosis from a medical doctor usually documents health impairments. Medical doctors may also provide statements to document head injuries, verify orthopedic impairments present at birth or the result of later injury. Psychological testing and rehabilitation records may also be used to document head injuries.

Hearing or visual impairments may be verified by audiograms or visual acuity tests performed by qualified professionals.

Step Three:

After the documentation has been provided to the counselor of record, the file will be evaluated by the ADA coordinator who will - upon consultation with the counselor - approve or disapprove the requested accommodations in accordance with college policy.

Step Four:

The student should meet with the counselor again to go over the accommodations awarded and a discussion of semester to semester requests for accommodations and required release of information form.

Step Five:

Student enrolls in classes with their counselor/advisor.

Step Six:

Student comes to Counseling Center to sign Instructor Release of Information and picks up their accommodation memorandum.

Step Seven:

It is the responsibility of the student to talk with their instructors about accommodations awarded. Please set up a private meeting with your instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss your accommodations. Good communication with your instructors will make the implementation of your accommodations a smooth process.

Students must request their accommodation memorandums each semester that they enroll.
Accommodation memos will NOT be generated automatically.


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