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On the Job Training for Jobseekers - Central Virginia Community College

On the Job Training (OJT) for Jobseekers

An OJT position is a win-win for the employer and the jobseeker or student.

The Workforce Center staff and customer seeking an OJT experience will be deemed appropriate for these services based on the customer individual service strategy. The customer will be screened against the employer requirements for the OJT to see if there is a good match. The customer resume will be submitted to the Employer for a decision. The Workforce Center staff will ensure that both the customer and the employer have reviewed the contract outlining the curriculum, the length of the OJT and the hourly wage match. There will be a review of the employer's needs and the related training needs of the customer. The OJT contract will then be executed for the customer selected by the employer for hiring. The Workforce Center will set up with the employer the method of submitting signed invoices for reimbursement to the company for the employee's time supported by time records and paycheck stub at specified intervals. The Workforce Center's fiscal agent will receive all the documentation needed to send the payments for the agreed upon wages. The Workforce Center staff is responsible to track the customer file for each payment made to the employer to monitor that against total contracted amount to ensure no overpayment. The customer, through an OJT experience, will gain several benefits to this work arrangement:

  • Valuable training at no cost to the employee
  • Experience with specific tools, methods, machines or other operating materials
  • Skill based training to enhance the customer's knowledge in a specific career field
  • Selected by the employer due to the OJT arrangement with the company and the Workforce Center, as well as, provide help to the employer to offset their costs in providing this valuable training to them.

To learn more about this unique and valuable service, please contact the Region 2000 Workforce Center at 434-455-5940 ext 102.


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